Sustainability is more important to your hotel guests than ever before, so – if you haven’t – you should start adopting eco-friendly practices at your hotel this year. When you have an eco-conscious partner like Front Desk Supply, it’s surprisingly easy and cost-effective to go green.

Benefits of a Sustainable Hotel

Why should you make your hotel more sustainable?

There’s the obvious answer, of course: sustainable properties are better for the environment and help our society reduce waste, pollution, and carbon emissions.

There are other tangible benefits, too, if you look at sustainability from a business perspective.

Customers Prefer Sustainability

According to a study by, 65% of travelers prefer accommodations that have a sustainability label or certification. Another study by FloWater yielded similar results: 60% of customers would choose a sustainable hotel over other options.

Making your hotel eco-friendly can:

  • Improve your hotel’s image among customers
  • Help you stay competitive with other hotels that are also going green
  • Give you an edge in niche markets – especially independent / boutique hotels

You Can Save Money

Sustainability is often associated with high costs. However, you can actually save money in big and small ways when you make your hotel more sustainable.

  • Recycled Materials: The easiest way to green your hotel is to order hotel supplies that are made with recycled materials. These supplies are cheap but will look and feel as polished as products that are made from fresh materials. There’s a popular myth that recycled materials cost more money; while that might have been true 10 years ago, the times have changed, and nowadays, recycling-made products have little or no added cost.
  • Utility Savings: Many hotels are installing appliances and lighting fixtures that minimize energy consumption and water usage. Some hotels are going a step further by harnessing solar energy. Over the long term, these types of upgrades can generate tremendous savings on utility costs.
  • Incentives / Subsidies: When you make upgrades to your hotel, you might be able to capitalize on tax incentives and subsidies that support sustainable improvements.

Building a Sustainable Hotel: How To Get Started

There are many different ways you can make your hotel more sustainable, so where do you begin?

The best way to get started is to order eco-friendly hotel supplies. These supplies are made from recycled materials that reduce waste and carbon emissions. Ordering eco-friendly supplies is the cheapest way to kick-start your sustainability initiative and it doesn’t require appliance installation or technology upgrades.

Front Desk Supply offers a wide selection of hotel products made from recycled materials, which include:

Additionally, Front Desk Supply will offset $75 of the cost when you make your first step towards offsetting your carbon footprint with eco-friendly hotel supplies.