Thanksgiving is here, and we are reflecting on all that this past year has brought us. There have been unexpected challenges and unprecedented events that turned the hospitality industry on its head, but through it all, our team showed their commitment to our clients and dedication to keep things as normal as possible. In turn, this week we are spotlighting two team members – Mark Zisek and Jasmin Friedman-Enriquez, to hear their thoughts on Front Desk Supply and the hospitality industry.

Q: Why Are You Grateful For This Team?


“Our team is a unique blend of personalities. I am grateful for their work ethic, positive attitudes, and the team-oriented environment they cultivate. Their passion comes across in everything they do.”


“I am grateful for our team because everyone steps in to help or figure out a solution even if it is a bit outside of their day-to-day responsibilities. The team comes first, and everyone cares about building each other up.”

Q: What Parts of Front Desk Supply’s Culture Stand Out to You Most?


“The hard-working, but fun and casual spirit. Everyone encourages individuality, and our unique personalities work well together.”


“I appreciate the transparency, autonomy, flexibility, and casual but hard-working culture at Front Desk Supply. We all work hard because we want to, not because we have to.”

Q: How Do You See Front Desk Supply Making a Difference For Your Customers?


“The focus is on the customer first, and everyone goes the extra mile to pinch-hit for other team members in times of need. We put programs in place to ensure our customers have options for managing their budget and getting the products they want – this helps our customers get their brand optimal exposure.


“We go the extra mile to support customers who are on tight timelines, are looking for something a bit outside of our core products, and/or are trying to find ways to be creative with their brand. We are committed to supporting our customers so they can spend more time focusing on the needs of their guests and staff.”

Q: The Hospitality Industry is All About Creating Positive Experiences For People. What is Your Favorite Way that Front Desk Supply Does That?


“I love all the custom products we do for our customers, those products really help the hotel’s  “personality” come through. We have a talented and dedicated team of Graphic Artists that make that happen. ”


“One of my favorite ways we create positive experiences for people is the effort our team is putting into continuing to streamline the ordering process for our customers: from the initial inquiry of an item, all the way through to custom reordering. We want our customers to have a one-stop-shop for their items so they don't have to worry about keeping tabs on several different vendors for a handful of items. Our goal is to take care of them just like they take care of their guests.“

Mark and Jasmin, as well as the rest of the Front Desk Supply team, have a passion for providing the highest quality service to their hospitality customers. Running a successful hotel during these times includes having a strong team on your side.

Unsure about how to successfully transition through these changing times? Download our Free Hotel Checklist. This list provides your hotel with information on how to keep your doors open safely. 

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In order to keep our team healthy and safe, we have taken precautions, and all team members that are not needed in producing or warehousing activities are working from home. Further, we have built additional redundancy in our supply network. Although we have not experienced any significant delays in our supply chain, we will continue to monitor changes and will utilize alternate vendors if needed to ensure we can hold to our normal lead times. We are in close contact with our shipping partners and will advise our customers of any widespread issues affecting delivery.

Front Desk Supply is here to support your hotel. We encourage you to reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns about us, our team, or our products.