It goes without saying that this has been a difficult year for hotels, especially smaller boutique hotels that may lack the resources of larger hotel groups.

Moving forward, travelers are likely to exercise extreme caution and selectivity as they choose accommodations for travel in 2021. For many, the perceived level of cleanliness, safety, and attention to detail of hotels may weigh more heavily than price. Travelers seek the comfort of knowing hotels have adapted their operations to new standards.

Building this confidence and trust with potential guests is grounded in communication; hoteliers should embrace constant and thorough communication as the most important tool in their belt. This begins before check in, upon arrival, and throughout a guests’ stay.

Before Booking Their Stay

Potential guests are highly likely to compare several options for hotels online before they decide to commit to a booking. Your digital presence and messaging is crucial for reassuring guests that you are taking health and safety seriously; people won’t know you have carefully crafted new safety procedures in place unless you tell them!

Be sure to promote messaging around how you’re keeping guests healthy. Use all of your digital resources:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Emails and newsletters

At Check In

Keep the communication consistent when guests arrive at your hotel for check in. This is a great chance to reiterate complementary messaging to what your guests saw online at the time of booking. Do this verbally, with leaflets or pamphlets, and with well-placed signage.

If you have contactless check in and guests don’t interface with the front desk, consider leaving a check in day voicemail to all room phones and placing pamphlets with information in each room. ​Contactless communication is highly valuable during these challenging times; it allows for the exchange of information in the safest way possible.

Another great way is on your key cards and key holders – both get seen by the guest multiple times each day and reinforce what you are doing to keep them safe.

Throughout Their Hotel Stay

Reinforce your commitment to guest safety throughout their stay. You may want to consider utilizing a texting service for guests. If your hotel has an app, set up frequent notifications that provide up-to-date safety information.

Proper signage around the property is also extremely important. Remind guests in common spaces, such as the lobby or amenity areas, to not only wear masks and social distance, but that their safety is your top priority. Consider adding signage detailing the frequency of your cleaning and sanitation practices, or signage that asks guests to walk one direction or the other to mitigate encounters in small spaces.  

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