It may be spring, but Front Desk Managers are already thinking about the months ahead! With the busy season coming in summer and the supply chain delays slowing down turnaround, it’s best to order products ahead of time. One hotel product that managers should never run low on is hotel key cards. 

To put your hotel ahead of the competition and make your guests’ stay more memorable, Front Desk Supply encourages the use of customized key cards. Discover the advantages of custom hotel key cards below.

Show Off Your Brand

One of the top ways to show off your hotel is on custom key cards. Showcasing your brand colors and logo makes a significantly bigger impact on guests than a generic key card. When you think about it, guests carry these cards throughout their stay and see them up to 6-8 times a day. If you’re not showing off your brand, then guests miss out on your hotel’s full experience. Consistency is “key” and customizing your key cards is one way to provide it. Bonus points for extending it across many of the other products in your hotel!

(generic key card)

(custom key card)

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Share Valuable Information

Key cards can be used as advertising tools and share information visually or through text. If you have a special event coming this summer, order customized key cards advertising it. Specials or hotel offerings can also be listed and make a regular hotel key card different and exciting! If you are not planning summer events, use this handy item to display your hotel’s contact information. Guests may find the ease of access to front desk numbers or room service a convenient perk. All benefits just by simply customizing key cards! 

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Create Excellent Keepsakes

From time to time, key cards may follow your guests home. The best money you can “buy” – makes their visit memorable, long after they unpack! With customized key cards, you’ll be able to stir memories from past trips and inspire guests to stay with you again. Using generic key cards may be economical, however, there is an improved return on investment on customized key cards. 

It is the best way to get longer use from a hotelier’s investment in the key cards by extending their usefulness. Read more about guest experiences into turning key cards keepsakes.

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