Picture this: you’re been running around your hotel property trying to manage guests, lead employees, and keep everyone safe and systems running smoothly. You sit down at the end of a long day and realize you forgot to restock your hotel supplies! What do you do? Order directly on our website for the best hotel supplies in a crunch. All of the items below can be shipped the same day (if ordered before 12 pm PST) and will help you get through a guest rush.

Key Cards

Whether you’re looking for magnetic key cards or most RFID key card chip sets, ordering generic options in a hurry is easy. Key cards with a simple “Welcome” message can be applicable for hotels of all shapes and sizes and easily work with your branding for a temporary customized key replacement or a permanent key card choice. If you are really in a crunch and on a budget, ordering the Magnetic Key Card Mystery Pack is a quick and easy way to meet your key card needs. The mystery pack can act as a fun team-building tool as well – by having your team guess which style of key card will arrive at your door, you can build excitement around the event!


Another great hotel supply you can grab in a hurry is signage. Whether it’s generic “Do Not Disturb” signs, “Do Not Disturb” lock inserts, these quick order sign options can help keep your hotel functioning efficiently and under budget. Especially during these times of heightened safety and sanitation, having ample Do Not Disturb supplies on hand is important to enhance guest safety and minimize accidental unsafe interactions between guests and staff.


Tags are one of the most often overlooked supplies by hotel staff. From baggage tags to parking tags, this type of supply is necessary to keep both guests and employees organized. Running out of tags for luggage and parking spots can put your hotel’s smooth processes at risk and create disorganization.        

Along with all of these in-stock products, these also make a great option to hold customers over until their custom products arrive.  Our lead times across all products is one of the shortest in the industry.

Front Desk Supply is committed to helping you give the best guest experience possible while transitioning back to normal occupancy rates. Ordering these products hot off the press can ensure you have them on your hotel’s front step as soon as possible. Having fully stocked supplies in place, including signage and PPE, is vital to ensure your hotel functions safely and efficiently from check-in to check-out.

Unsure about how to help your hotel continue functioning successfully during these changing times? Download our Free Hotel Checklist. This list provides your hotel with information on how to keep your doors open safely and successfully. 

Many of the items on our hotel checklist are available for purchase on our new website.

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