Staying on top of trends within the hotel industry is key to creating a memorable experience for guests. Wellness has become a high priority, and hotels are getting on board. Luxury amenities are now spilling into more than just spa services; they are becoming a key factor within fitness facilities across all hotels. 

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Guests are looking for a getaway that coincides with their current lifestyle. As travelers value health and wellness more, hotels must deliver. 

These hotels make sure guests never have to sacrifice their exercise routine:

A Sandy Routine In The Southwest

Getting down and dirty is nothing out of the ordinary for guests staying at The Hilton Sedona Resort. Their desert retreat has its own boot camp playground, the Outdoor Warrior Pit, which is equipped with tires, ropes, sledgehammers, and anchors. The Pit serves as a cross-training facility where resort guests can exercise at their leisure or attend one of the weekly classes led by a seasoned instructor.

Anything But A Standard Stay

The Standard Spa in Miami, FL, takes a holistic approach to uniting mind, body, and spirit. Their varied classes, workshops, and retreats include body-aligning yoga, core-strengthening stand-up paddle boarding, Schiller bikes, and one-on-one personal training. “Bottom line, if you have to go home, you’ll be feeling better, calmer, more grounded…the ideal cure for this topsy-turvy world.” 

A Wide Variety Of Woodlark Workouts 

For many guests on vacation, no plan is the best plan. Woodlark Hotel in Portland, Oregon, makes it easy to access whatever workout you are in the mood for. Their fitness program is “designed to move you while you’re on the move,” with top-of-the-line equipment from brands such as Technogym, Peloton, and Mirror. If guests prefer to break a sweat in the comfort of their own room, they offer “Well+Fit Kits”, which include a Manduka yoga mat, a set of barre3 bands, core ball, and weights, along with an iPad preloaded with classes. For travelers looking to get out of the hotel scenery, they offer in-person class passes at local studios. 

Upgrade Your Fitness Experience 

In Southern California, health and wellness have been taken to a new level. The Beverly Hilton’s fitness center, Upgrade Labs, features a futuristic way to make the most out of your workout. Through “biohacking,” this facility offers a series of exclusive treatments and exercises customized to each guest’s body composition, goals, and abilities. With facilities like a cryotherapy chamber chilled to -220°F, cold HIIT classes, and the “Cheat Machine” (adaptive resistance technology that promises to give you a week’s worth of weightlifting in less than 15 minutes), it is no surprise that the gym has become a popular spot for high-profile celebrities and athletes.

Today’s travelers are more health-conscious than ever. For hotels all around the world, investing in a luxury fitness center shows your guests that going on vacation doesn’t have to mean they have to give up on their fitness goals. 

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