In hospitality, the guest experience begins with the check-in process. Hoteliers and hotel staff understand the importance of getting guests through this process as seamlessly as possible. These considerations often drive how hoteliers choose the best hotel key solutions.

Front Desk Supply is one of the leading hotel suppliers for US hotels, specializing in hotel key solutions. We understand the importance of choosing the right solution for your guests. Below are our recommendations for the best hotel key solutions.

The Four Best Hotel Key Solutions

The biggest concerns among hoteliers surrounding the evolution of hotel room access has been security and convenience. Hotel managers seek the best way to make check-in seamless for hotel staff and guests while ensuring the safety and security of hotel guests. Hotel key solutions have a robust history. Some of the best hotel key solutions include:

1. Magnetic Key Cards

Magstripe cards have been used in hotels since the 1980s, right alongside the breakthrough technology that allowed us to invent debit and credit cards. This technology was cheaper and more convenient than the most popular hotel key solution before Magstripe, which was hotel punch cards. Magstripe cards can be easily rewritten and reused for the next guest, and hotels can add benefits to the hotel key cards, like amenity access and loyalty points. 

Reusable magnetic key cards also come with the ability to add customization options, meaning that hoteliers can choose material and prints for their key cards that match their hotel’s branding and guest needs. For systems that require magnetic hotel key cards, magstripe cards are a viable solution.

2. RFID Key Cards

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) cards have been in use in hotels since the 2000s. This key card solution can open a hotel room door when the card reader comes into close contact with the chip embedded in the card, reading the information.

These cards came with all the benefits of magstripe cards, alongside added benefits. Magstripe cards can become demagnetized over time, whereas RFID cards cannot. RFID cards tend to last longer than magnetic cards because they do not constantly come into contact with the card reader. Additionally, RFID cards are not as easily skimmed, making them more secure.

3. Key Fobs and Wristband Fobs

RFID chips can also be kept in unique shapes, including key fobs or wristbands. Fobs are perfect key solutions for your hotel staff that may need long-term access to certain areas of the hotel. Wristbands are ideal for hotel guests who may be prone to losing traditional RFID key cards, such as children or older guests.

Hotels can customize these materials just as easily as key cards. Fobs and unique shapes come in multiple colors and can be made of a wide variety of materials. Wristbands are made of Tyvek and are elastic, water-resistant, and adjustable. They can be customized to match your hotel branding.

4. Unique Key Cards

Other unique solutions for hotel keys include key cards that can be easily paired with mobile access systems. Your hotel guests can rest assured that they can access their hotel room easily with both their phone or a key card in case their phone fails.

Key cards can come in unique shapes and be made of non-traditional materials such as wood, recycled plastic, and metal. These high-end specifications are perfect for your specialty or luxury hotel.

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