If you’re a front desk manager within the hospitality industry, one of your responsibilities may include ordering your hotel supplies.   That can be an arduous task, especially when you are looking at things like hotel key cards– whether RFID or magnetic swipe, key card holders and sleeves, signage, marketing materials, or hotel stationery and a hotel pen for each guest to use in their room.

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Hotel Pen Demand

Ordering supplies in any industry isn’t the most glamorous task.  However, in the hospitality industry, ensuring that your guest leaves with a memorable experience is the number one priority. This is where the best of the best really shine. We know this, because the Front Desk Supply team works with some of the best people in the business! Hospitality executives and their well-trained staff understand the intricacies and the attention to detail that guests come to value – even on a key card or hotel pen.

The hotel pen may not get the attention it deserves by some boutique hotels.  With many years of experience in the hotel industry, we can share with you – the pen is king!   We have produced and designed millions of supplies for boutique hotels and some of the biggest hotel chains’ signature properties. We see daily how important the pen is to your guests.

You could let our years of experience guide you to considering a wide-range of pen options for your hotels from styles, designs, and the ink you could use. First, we’d like to share with you what your guests are saying about the value of their hotel pen.

Hotel Pen Connoisseurs

Edward Iniciki shared on Twitter, “The free pens that hotels give out are so much better than any pen I’ve ever bought.”

Twitter post about pens

How’s this for reliability?   Erin Carson, a staff reporter from CNET, shared this story of her horror when her favorite hotel pen finally ran out of ink!  She shared on Twitter, “In other news, I was lamenting on The Group Chat a couple weeks ago about how mu favorite pen from a hotel in San Francisco that I stayed at 3 years ago finally ran out, and my friend (who was in the city at the time) went to the hotel and got me new pens.”

hotel pens

Now that’s a testimonial!  We can only imagine the types of earth-shattering tech news that was covered with that hotel pen!

Not to be upstaged, but writer/comedienne, Alison Stephenson, had some more pressing writing with her hotel pen.  She jokes, “Nothin feels better than writing a beautiful list of your hopes and dreams for 2019 with a pen you stole from the Hooters Hotel.”


Hotel Pen Artist

The talent we see isn’t just limited to writing.  Several artists praise hotel pens. @ImDarlie drew this photo and said, “I drew my #MapleStory2 character with the hotel’s pen (and maybe also CPAP).

hotel pens used to create art

Talented artist, Ryan Ottley shared this photo on Twitter.  He called it his “Hotel Lobby pen sketching.”

hotel pen sketches


Hotel Pen Collector

Then, there are the collectors.  Here’s what Matthew Fox and Jim Smallman had to say about their hotel pen obsession:

twitter post about pens

twitter post about pens

Jim may not be in possession of those 328,976 pens, but there’s a good chance they’ve landed in someone else’s hands, briefcase, backpack or purse.


Hotel Pen Heroes

Lastly, we want to share a touching story from Steven Goff, aka @SoccerInsider, as he reported for the Washington Post:

Story about a pen that created a friendship

When the MLS franchise, DC United, was mired in a slump, head coach Ben Olsen threw his pen after another defeat.  A nearby Metro PD officer, Greg Alemian, picked up the pen. The following week, the officer then told the coach that he’d get the pen back when the team clinched a playoff berth at the end of the season.  That’s exactly what the team did.

Here’s what Olsen told Goff about the symbolic nature of the pen:

“It got to the point where I was thinking, ‘There might be something to this pen thing.’ He never really said much about it. It became more of an acknowledgment after we started getting some wins that this playoff thing could go down.”

“I’ve gone through hundreds of hotel pens,” Olsen said. “This one, it’s a beautiful, bedside, run-of-the-mill Marriott pen. With a clicker. I like clickers. I have arthritis in my thumb from clicking pens. It’s a nervous habit during games.”

What a story!

Whether guests use hotel pens in situations that are comical, mythical, professional, or historical, hotel pens show than that they are much more than the writing implement. They often are the story.

Hotel Pen Solution

Would you like to see how you could create a magical pen experience for your guests?

Front Desk Supply has a myriad of hotel pen options, and our customization team can work with your team to find the ideal specifications for the perfect pen for your guests. Do you want to look at the best hotel pens or the top personalized hotel pens for your guests?  We can show them to you.  For our customers in the hospitality industry, the hotel pen is mightier than the sword.

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