Cleaning Magnetic Key Cards with card reader cleaners helps extend the lifespan of the magnetic cards, lower the chance a card will break for guest, and improve the overall guest experience.

Extend Their Lifespan

Cleaning magnetic key card locks with a card reader cleaner can help prevent unnecessary wear and tear inside the card reader from dust, lint, and other foreign objects. The array of places that guests keep their cards is vast – from pockets and purchase to waistbands and socks – most key cards go through a lot of wear and tear with just one person. The buildup is multiplied by each user. Guests use hotel key cards approximately 15 times during their stay, so each time they open the door more particles build up. Cleaning the locks and encoder once a week can remove built-up dirt and debris. This enhances the performance of the key card reader and optimizes the readers to perform at their best with less need for maintenance over time. In times where extra costs may put significant strain on your hotel, taking preventative measures like this is essential to increase your key card longevity and get the most out of your card readers.

Optimize Guest Flow

Regularly cleaning key cards and key card readers also helps improve your turnaround time between guests. By sticking to a weekly cleaning schedule, you optimize your card readers for efficiency, therefore decreasing the number of service calls by guests for broken key cards and readers. You can gain confidence that your key cards will work for your next round of guests, and can focus on sanitizing your rooms between guests instead of troubleshooting your card readers.

Improve The Guest Experience

Cleaning the outside of key card readers is also essential for a positive guest experience during these times. Thoroughly and consistently cleaning the external surfaces of card readers can help your guests feel safe staying with you, while cleaning the inside can help them be sure they won’t run into any problems or hiccups during their stay in your guest room. By cleaning your key card readers, you are actively working toward guest safety and convenience in a way that is directly noticeable. Improve guest satisfaction and positive takeaways by ensuring your key cards and readers are cleaned inside and out.

*For a visual breakdown of key cleaning, click here.

From key card cleaners to PPE, Front Desk Supply is committed to helping you give the best guest experience possible for the travel flow of the holiday season and beyond. Having fully stocked supplies in place, including PPE, is vital to ensure your hotel functions safely and efficiently from check-in to check-out.

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