There’s nothing lovelier than the feeling of a smooth glide of a pen on notepad paper. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Front Desk Supply wants to sweep you off your feet with custom hotel products. If you’ve been thinking about updating your custom notepad and pen items, now is the time. Cupid is pointing his arrow at hoteliers this month and putting our special offer between you and the crosshairs.

Learn more about each of these products and request an estimate with our February offer below. 

Custom Hotel Notepads

Hotel notepads are a great tool for business guests to take notes when they are in a meeting and working from your hotel property. Front Desk Supply wants to set hotels up for success by assisting them with the right size notepad and design for their guests. We have a selection of small to large notepads that are sure to make an impact. Check out our in-room and meeting room templates below.

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Custom Hotel Pens

The best companion to your notepad is a custom hotel pen. Front Desk Supply has a range of pen varieties to choose from. From twist pens to cap pens to retractable pens, hotels have the option to complete the perfect pairing! Curious about luxurious pen options? We offer a selection of metallic pens, stylus tip pens, and clip pens as well. View the templates of our most popular hotel pens.

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February Offer: Custom Notepad and Pen Discount

Don’t be shy about your need for a custom notepad and pen combination. Fall in love with a new set of hotel products that you can enjoy all year! 

Front Desk Supply is offering a $75 discount on combination orders of notepads and pens for the month of February! If you’ve had your heart broken by a previous hotel supply company, consider hooking up with a hotel supplier with years of experience that values customer satisfaction. 

Request a quote for a combo order of notepads and pens for your hotel today! Speak with our team and ask to apply the discount on your order with code: February2022.

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Order Hotel Products from Front Desk Supply

Front Desk Supply is a leading hotel supplier for the hospitality industry. We offer a wide range of hotel supply products, such as custom pens, hotel key cards, key card sleeves, and more. From boutique hotels to nationwide hotel chains, we have a selection of generic hotel supplies and offer custom hotel supply orders. 

If you have a question or need a quote for a custom order, you can get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling (888)-859-2061.