Now more than ever, people are eager to return to these live events to network and find new opportunities. For trade show associations, it’s important to make an impact on attendees and inspire them to attend the next event. One way to accomplish this is by marketing the event with custom trade show products.

Occasionally, trade shows and meetings planners may call on hotels to fulfill this request, and hotels rely on Front Desk Supply to get the job done. Check out our list of top custom products for trade shows.

Specialty Key Cards 

Custom key cards are one of the most popular custom products as they are seen 6 to 8 times per day. Over the course of a conference, these items are seen quite a few times.  Hotel key cards can be sold as a way to advertise and get a brand out to the conference audience. They can also be used as a means to get key messages and themes out to attendees.  Front Desk Supply can assist in getting these valuable tools into the right hands!

Notepads for Meeting Rooms

Custom notepads are a popular item at tradeshows and meetings. They’re a simple but effective tool to market the show and add to the customer experience. Hotels or trade show associations typically order notepads to use in conference areas. Whether the setting is an educational session at a convention center or in the ballroom of a hotel, guests or attendees find these custom trade show products useful and delightful. 

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Luxury Trade Show Pens 

Along with needing a notepad, trade show attendees are always hunting for a pen. Custom pens are a great marketing tool for trade show associations to spread their reach. Attendees of trade shows go to the event to take advantage of networking opportunities. They likely need a writing tool to jot down notes or contact information. Trade show associations choose branded luxury pens because they make an impact on the user. Pens may also become souvenirs and remind attendees of the event, making it an effective marketing tool for brand recall. If taking place at a hotel, trade show associations may order custom trade show pens to separate the event from the hotel.

Custom Signage in Common Areas

Trade shows taking place in a hotel benefit from custom signage to market and guide people to the trade show event. Both hotels and trade show associations may consider this option to reduce confusion with guests and attendees, as not all hotel guests are attendees of a trade show. By adding custom signage, you make it clear that certain areas are not for public use. Trade show associations at convention centers can also use these custom products to market the show and display events, times, and rooms for attendees. 

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Order Custom Trade Show Products from Front Desk Supply

When it comes to choosing the right marketing product for a trade show, you have options with Front Desk Supply. From simple to luxury custom orders, our experienced team can help you design the products, send samples, and ship them to you. Whether you are a hotel enlisted by a trade show association, or the trade show itself, you are in good hands with us. Check out our shop below to view your options!

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