Americans are taking time off and going on vacation in 2022. After 2 years of holding back, the floodgates are open and people are traveling to make up for “lost time” due to the pandemic. Instead of going overseas for a vacation, many people have opted for domestic travel destinations and workcations. 

What does that mean for your hotel? Read on to find out more about this travel trend and how it impacts your demand for hotel supplies.

Domestic Travel is Rising

Domestic travel has typically been seen as less glamorous or exciting than international travel. Now more than ever people are choosing to ditch international travel in favor of domestic trips. Travelers are even willing to spend more on vacations as a result of COVID-19. Rather than spend the money to fly off to a new land, travelers are staying closer to home and taking time to enjoy their lodgings and nearby experiences. With more guests on your property, it’s best to prepare your hotel supplies for a wave of excited vacationers.

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Workcations are Becoming Popular

In the last year, hoteliers have seen growth in guests who are working and vacationing at the same time. Also known as “bleisure,” or business-leisure, the workcation is becoming increasingly popular amongst teleworking people. Because these guests are not tied to an office, they can work from anywhere and often do so in hotels with perks and amenities that turn a work trip into a bonafide getaway. A combination of increased domestic travel and workcations could be an issue for unprepared hoteliers.

Front Desk Supply has seen a spike in orders for hotel supplies used by workcationers, such as pens and notepads, and we urge hotels to take note before business increases in the spring.

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What Does That Mean for Hotels?

Hotels have an obligation to make their guests’ stay enjoyable. This means having all the essentials that guests require and never running low on items. With the domestic travel and workcation trends increasing, hospitality businesses must be proactive and not reactive. Over the last two years, the global supply chain has been a constant issue for the hospitality industry. Hotels rely on vendors to provide them with what they need – quickly and efficiently. However, delays have caused hoteliers to scramble to find needed items.

Front Desk Supply is the hospitality industry’s best option for hotel supplies because we have navigated the pandemic to avoid running into supply chain delays. We are stocked and ready to deliver on the items that other vendors cannot fulfill. Best of all, we offer FREE design services on custom orders, and we have NO set up fees on first-time orders!

Interested in placing an order during this turbulent time? Talk to our team for more information. 

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