The TSA has announced that they are extending their mask policy throughout the rest of 2021. As the holiday season approaches and travel trends increase, there seems to be a higher risk of spreading illness. The TSA’s decision to mandate masks is a thoughtful one that may indicate what travel will be like during the busy holiday travel season.

 Discover a few observations about the extension and what hotels can do in response.

Mask Policy Extension Observations

Busy Holiday Season

The announcement of a mask policy extension until January 2022 could be an indication of what the TSA predicts for the rest of 2021 – a busy season. Business flyers will soon be accompanied by holiday travelers, meaning larger crowds in airplanes and airports. The more people there are, the higher the risk of contracting the virus.

Travel Precaution

The TSA could be anticipating a busy season as the vaccination rate continues to increase and people begin to feel more comfortable with taking trips. Extending the mask policy may be a precaution to ensure the safety of flying travelers. A combination of vaccinated and masked individuals can help reduce the spread of the virus during travel.

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Hotel Safety Remains the Top Priority

Travelers come from all over the U.S., and may even visit from out of the country. As a front desk manager, you cannot control where a person comes from, but you can control safety within the parameters of your hotel. It’s your responsibility to uphold those requirements within your hotel so that everyone who comes in is comfortable.

Holiday Travelers

People traveling for the holidays may only be passing through as they make their way to their final destination. While their stay may not be long, it’s best to keep a consistent set of protocols for all. Having a combination of strict sanitation practices and adhering to updated CDC mask policy requirements can ensure a safer environment for everyone.

Business Travelers

Those who stay at your hotel for work expect a home away from home. Accommodate business travelers by ensuring public spaces are clean and ready to work out of. Give work-from-hotel guests peace of mind with your commitment to cleanliness. Providing sanitation stations or disposable masks can make a difference.


Treat employees with the same respect and care for safety as you would guests. Your workers should feel comfortable coming to work. Providing PPE and an employee mask policy is just one way you can demonstrate your commitment to their safety and keep them happy. After all, happy employees produce a happier environment for hotel guests.

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