Intentional or not, it is inevitable that most hotel guests will end up taking home their room keys. Since the beginning of their use, hotel key cards have been a staple item in a guest’s hotel experience. They are the first step into a momentous getaway.  

Since many key cards go home with guests, hotels have taken advantage of this opportunity by creating key cards that guests will cherish and remember them by. It is the best way to get longer use from a hotelier’s investment in the key cards by extending their usefulness.

As one of our top-selling items, our team understands the importance of providing memorable key cards to hotel guests. We supply clients with a wide variety of unique room keys that express each boutique hotel’s personality. If you are looking to customize your key cards, reach out to us, and our team will happily assist you.  

So, what do travelers do when they take home these decorated room keys? Discover how guests have taken these cards and made them into their own keepsakes: 

Transforming Collections Into Creations

With more than 10 years of traveling, Shelby Donley has made her hotel room key collection into a piece of art. 

She said, “As the stack grew, I realized that creating a collage of the cards, many of which express cleverness and personality or art, would be memorable for my travels, but also as a beautiful piece of art.”

Never-ending Stacks Of Memories 

Some collectors don’t realize how many key cards they have accumulated until they lay them all out into piles. Much to these travel junkies’ surprise, they have been checking in and out of hotels more than they thought. 

@Trampfast2go shared, “Cleaning getting ready to move. Keeping finding drawers full of hotel room keys form LA and then separate drawers from Vegas. When the hell did I work? When did I have time to travel this much? Each card has a story. No regrets. Better than good.” 

@peterstringer also did some cleaning and after realizing how large his pile was, he decided to count and see how many he actually has collected. He said, “Doing some house cleaning and not sure what to do w/ my hotel room key collection. Apparently I have a travel problem. 138 keys in 3 years.” 

@scott2h20 has no shame in showing off his diverse collection. “Some kids play with dolls and others play with their collection of hotel room keys. I am an other.” 

Bridging The Gap Into History

Collecting hotel key cards is not just for sheer joy; it can also bring sentimental value. A woman in Las Vegas, Beth Stine, has dozens of hotel room keys from the days when her father was Nevada’s elevator inspector in the 1970s. He would find items people accidentally dropped into elevator shafts, including hotel room keys, and give them to Beth. She has been adding to her collection for 20 years. 

“At the time, we thought all these hotels would always stay open,” Beth said. “[The collection has] big sentimental value. I mean, my dad was the most important person in my life.”


Whether the collection was created to admire the beautiful designs and photographs or they serve as a reminder of a memorable trip, hotel key cards become more than just a way to get inside a room. They are a unique way to relive trips and precious memories. 

Work With Front Desk Supply

How does your boutique hotel create value in the details of a guest’s stay? Hotel room keys are a special touch to your hotel’s experience that cannot be ignored. 

Our team of experienced Graphic Artists can create a look for your hotel that will last well beyond their stay!

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