As warmer weather comes around the corner and hotels brace for the incoming influx of hotel guests, hotel managers looking at their inventory are likely considering what supplies to stock up on. Front Desk Supply, as the premiere industry leader in hotel amenities on the west coast, we see that hotel key cards and accessories, like hotel key card holders, are a big concern to both hotel managers and guests.

Hotel key card holders are not only a branding piece, but they can also act as a mini reference guide for your customers during their stay while generating revenue through deals and offers. Key card holders can be as simple or as complex as hotel managers wish. This guide will help buyers decide on the right customization options for their key card holders.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Hotel Key Card Holders

Hoteliers may choose the best options for their key card holders based on their guests’ needs, budget, and style preferences. Customization options include size and shape, color, design, material, and finishes.

Key Card Folders Vs. Key Card Sleeves

Key card holders can come in the shape of a key card sleeve or a key card folder. Key card sleeves are simple holder shapes with a single opening that fits four or five key cards depending on the size. Folders are multi-panel folding holders in many different shapes and sizes. Sleeves are best for minimalist, sleek, or simple designs, while folders can hold more panels of information.


Print materials like key card holders can be printed with one color or multiple. Key card sleeves can come in one color or full-color options. Key card folders are available in a single-color economy, two-color inside / two-color outside, or multicolor options. Hoteliers may choose the best option for their design and budget needs.


Hotel key card holders are information pamphlets that guests will carry around them. Hoteliers can use this opportunity to design their holders with all types of useful information and offers, including maps, contact information, coupons, QR codes, and more.

Materials and Finishes

Key card sleeves may be made from simple paper or heartier card stock. Holders come with many finishing options, with matte, aqueous, and glossy being the most popular options. Additional customizations include metallic ink or linen linings for a luxury finish.

Other Customizations

RFID key cards are susceptible to damage or even hacking, due to their ability to be read within close proximity. RFID key protector sleeves protect hotel key cards, credit cards, and identification cards from electronic fraud or theft. The RFID-blocking material protects the contents from scanning.

Custom die cuts allow hoteliers to design their key cards however they’d like with unique shapes or additional inserts. A custom thumb cutout can create a unique angle for the key cards or create a fun shape that hotel guests will remember. Additional inserts can provide guests with additional information or offers.

Lead Time and Delivery

Front Desk Supply’s lead time is two weeks from the time the final key sleeve production proof is completed and confirmed, plus three-to-five business days for ground shipping. If you are tight on time, Front Desk Supply offers “Hot Off the Press” key card folders with generic designs that are perfect while you wait for your custom designs to arrive.

Your Source for Hotel Supplies

Front Desk Supply is a leading hotel supplier for the hospitality industry. We offer a wide range of hotel supply products, such as custom pens, hotel key cards, key card sleeves, and more. From boutique hotels to nationwide hotel chains, we have a selection of generic hotel supplies and offer custom hotel supply orders.

If you have a question or need a quote for a custom order, you can get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling (888)-859-2061.