After a long, delightful vacation, hotel guests are normally not ready to go back to reality. As they finish checking out, the last thing they need to take care of is picking up their car at the valet. 

Valet services are not only the first impression for guests but also their last. This extension of their hotel experience is more than just parking cars; it provides a unique hotel service that no other department can execute. 

Our team at Front Desk Supply understands the importance of running a smooth valet service. The best customer service starts with the proper organization. We work with independent and boutique hotels to provide not only customized goods such as key cards and pens, but luggage tags, concierge tags, valet tags, and parking permits as well. 

In order to minimize risks and maintain a well-respected service, several procedures must be put in place for valet drivers: 

Parking Respectfully

Whenever possible, it’s important that the valet team backs vehicles into spaces, rather than park forward. This procedure allows for the rushed valet drivers to retrieve cars with safety and ease. Since many vehicles are equipped with automatic locking devices, it is crucial to teach the team to always remove keys before closing the doors of the vehicle. 

Turning Down Radio Volume

Before returning the vehicle to a hotel guest, be mindful of the volume on the radio. Radio volumes should be lowered and then completely turned off so that the retracting antennas will lower. The purpose of lowering the volume is to avoid startling customers when they turn on the radio after claiming their vehicle. 

Filling Out Parking Permits

The most beneficial way to keep the valet work running smoothly is through parking permits and valet tags. These permits should be filled out completely with the correct license plate color, make, model, and location of the vehicle. Valets are often hurried and choose to ignore some of the information, but it can be worrying for a patron to wait and wait while valets look for their vehicle, and even more disquieting to be asked, after a while, to describe their vehicle. 

Providing Valet Tags

After many hours of driving and parking cars, it can be easy for the valet team not to remember who’s car is who’s. This is why valet tags are so important to maintain organization and seamlessness in the process. Each hotel guest receives a ticket that corresponds to the permit on their car. This gives the valet drivers an idea of where the car was parked, what type of car it is, and how long they have been parked. 

Create A Positive Final Impression 

Upon bringing a customer’s vehicle to the front of your boutique hotel, valet attendants should greet the guests and proceed to turn off the lights, shut off the ignition, and remove the keys. As the guests arrive at their vehicle, the valet team should help them into their seats, verify their valet tag, and hand the keys to the guest. 

Whether guests are in “vacation mode” or just visiting the hotel for an event, it is always evident that they appreciate the luxury of not having to worry about their vehicle. Their cars are extremely valuable to them, and they put their trust into the hands of the valet team. 

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