What Are the Best Summer Hotel Supplies?

You might have started preparing your hotel for the peak season: hiring new staff, planning seasonal entertainment, and giving every aspect of your property a brush-up. There’s no better time to resupply your hotel with everything you need for a successful summer season.

Let’s cover the best summer hotel supplies so you can get each of your departments well-stocked before the crowds roll in.

Shiny (or matte finish!) New Key Cards

Your supply of key cards may dwindle faster in the summer because you have so many guests who are probably spending most of their days out and about visiting family, enjoying local attractions, or spending time by the pool. There are more opportunities for key cards to get lost or damaged during the summer.

what are the best summer hotel supplies

Custom wristbands are a great option for hotels with bustling pool areas.

Summer is a good time to order a large batch of new key cards and key card holders. You can customize your key cards with your hotel logo and also incorporate summer-centric visuals. Don’t have the time or resources for graphic design? Order with Front Desk Supply and get assistance from our in-house graphic designers for no charge.  Custom wristbands do the trick as well and ensures keys don’t fall out of the pocket of the kids, or get lost.

Summer Signage

Want to drastically improve the look of your hotel without paying for new furniture or decor? All you have to do is upgrade your hotel signage.

Replace your plastic DND signs with luxury DND signs made from either fabric or wood. These elegant materials will give your hotel an extra-boutique feeling.

You might also want to order tent signs or L-shaped signs to use around your property. You might need these to advertise summer entertainment / events or post-summer notices around your property.

Summer Sips

Summer is a time of celebration, and your guests may want to celebrate at the pool area with beer, wine, and cocktails. Here are a few custom food and beverage supplies you can use to keep up the festive atmosphere:

  • Disposable Cups: These are great for usage around the pool area. You won’t have to worry about them shattering, and they can be nicely customized with your hotel branding.
  • Wine Glasses: You can customize wine glasses with your hotel logo for use in your restaurant (people do love taking photos of their wine glasses, so this might provide good marketing for you) or you can sell them in your gift shop.
  • Wine Openers: Your guests may be drinking lots more wine during the summer, especially with summer sunsets and holidays like the 4th of July, so make sure you have plenty of wine openers stocked at your front desk.

Tags and Bags

During the summer, your hotel may experience high occupancy rates, which means your valets, bellpersons, and concierges will have their hands full managing all of the vehicles, bags, and guests. Make sure you have plenty of concierge and valet tags in stock for your guest services team.

Don’t forget to stock up on your laundry bags, either. During the summer, guests may be staying for extended periods and will need clothes washed, or their clothes will get dirty from going to the beach or hanging out by the pool. Your laundry services are bound to be busy.

All the Right Cards

It’s helpful to have plenty of postcards and review cards stocked in the summer:

  • Postcards: Your vacationers will probably want to buy postcards from your sundries shop to send to their loved ones or take home as souvenirs.
  • Review Cards: You’ll have a busy hotel during the summer, and the odds are that more than a few of your guests will be happy with the stay you provided them. Have plenty of review cards available to encourage your guests to share their positive experiences online.

Need a Summer Supplier? Choose Front Desk Supply!

Need to resupply your hotel for the summer season? Front Desk Supply has got you covered! When you order with Front Desk Supply, you can make sure that all your summer hotel supplies have consistent branding, and our free graphic design service can help you create or adjust visuals for the products you’re customizing. Request a quote today!