As an independent or boutique hotel front desk manager, you go above and beyond for your hotel guests, and the same thing should be said for the details that can take their experience to the next level. Hotel guests’ interactions with your key cards, key card holders, stationery (notepads and pens), and baggage/concierge and parking tags all leave an impression.  


Key Cards

Magnetic / Magstripe hotel key cards and RFID key cards both pose a unique opportunity to brand your property from the moment a guest has their key in hand.  All keys offer 6 to 8 opportunities each day to make an impression – don’t let that pass by.  Memorability leads to more repeat visits.  We offer custom and generic options of both to help you maximize your budget and your brand in 2024. Our complimentary graphic design services maximize your guests’ experience. If you’re planning to pull out all the stops for your big 2024 event – your key card is the perfect chance to ensure that all guests know about the big day.


Key Card Holders

Key cards and key card holders can be the dynamic duo of your new year hotel supplies. Front Desk Supply offers similar support with the design and supply of hotel key holders. What information is essential to communicate to your guests this year? We offer both key sleeves and key card folders for your specific needs hassle-free. For a fully customized look, check out our options for hotel key folders.  We have lots of sizes, paper options and design ideas, so take advantage of our expertise.  These items are a great way to get information into your customer’s hands.


Concierge/Baggage Tags and Parking/Valet Tags

Like keys and holders, these get seen multiple times during a guest’s stay.  We have lots of options for these and can also help customize them.



Leave your mark in 2024 – this time in ink. We offer a diverse range of pen and stationary (including notepads!) options with the same added flair of customization. Front Desk Supply offers thousands of pen options to choose from and a variety of other stationery to complete your suite of products.


Your New Year Hotel Supplies Partner

As one door closes, another opens, and the opportunity to elevate your hotel guest experience in 2024 is a resolution we’re here to help you achieve. With a few weeks left in December, we’re offering an end-of-year deal to get you started. Save $50 On $500 using code JANUARYDEAL24 or request a quote today.