At Front Desk Supply, we encourage hotels to take a customized approach with their products. However, when it comes to hotel key cards there are a few things to consider before you start customizing. To help you sort out what type of card you need an estimate for, we’ve created a guide to help you narrow down which hotel key card is right for your business. 

Do I Need Magnetic or RFID?

First, and most importantly, what type of hotel key card do you need? There are two types that Front Desk Supply offers: magnetic and RFID. If you are reordering supplies, but can’t recall the type of key card, below are tips to determine which one your hotel uses.

Magnetic Key Cards are the keys you insert into the lock and need regular lock and encoder cleaning to keep them working. 

RFID Key Cards are the keys you wave in front of the lock. 

Now that you know which one your business uses, you’ll need to confirm a few other details before you request an estimate or start customizing products. The reasoning behind this is that magnetic and RFID cards have compatibility considerations.

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Magnetic Hotel Key Cards

For this key card, you will need to confirm the coercivity/degree of magnetization of the magnetic key cards you require. Our best tip is to check with your lock manufacturer if you are uncertain. Below are several degrees of magnetization that you can ask about:

If you use MedCo or HiCo key cards, know that these magnetic key cards offer more protection from demagnetizing compared to the LoCo magnetic key cards. Although LoCo key cards are the most common type of magnetic key cards, it’s best to know which coercivity works best with your locks. Once you provide us with that information, our team can send you pricing information and tester keys. 

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RFID Hotel Key Cards

For this key card, you will need to confirm the lock system in your hotel. The more information you provide, the better Front Desk Supply can assist in getting you the right keys. See the various compatibilities for RFID key cards below:

You must have an idea of what lock you have before you ask for an estimate. Compatibility matters for this type of key card; otherwise, you risk ordering the wrong hotel key card in bulk. We also recommend talking to your lock manufacturer to confirm which RFID key card you need. After you provide us with the lock manufacturer and chipset, we can send tester key cards to verify compatibility. 

Custom Hotel Key Cards

Before you request an estimate for key cards, you should consider customization options. Elevate your hospitality business by branding your hotel key cards. 

Make an impact with key cards–they are seen an average of 6-8 times a day. Provide information about your hotel or simply improve brand recall. Browse our hotel key cards to explore your options. 

Be sure to Request an estimate today.