Part of the charm of boutique hotels is those timeless touches guests experience. One of those small but impactful traditional elements is the physical keys for room entry. There’s something delightfully vintage about a physical key, especially at properties in historic buildings or hotels that aim for old-fashioned elegance. But if you manage a boutique hotel, you can make life easier for your guests and staff by incorporating key card access on your property.

With Front Desk Supply, you can get high-tech key cards that are more secure and easier to use, which also have a “boutique” feel that jives with the rest of your property.

Benefits of Key Card Access

Key card access provides 4 excellent benefits for your boutique hotel:

1. Easy to Order and Replace

The main disadvantage of physical keys is that they’re tedious and expensive to replace. Hotel guests always find a way to lose their room keys, and things can get stressful if you don’t have multiple spares for each room. [Physical keys also take up more space in your office, especially when you have plentiful spares.]

Key card access makes it easy for you to program new keys whenever your guests need them, and you don’t need to have spares on hand for staff use. You can program key fobs for your staff that give them access to all the rooms.

When you run low on key cards, you can easily order another shipment from Front Desk Supply and even schedule shipments at various points throughout the year.

2. More Secure

Key card access makes your rooms more secure. You can program the keys to stop working after a guest’s check-out time, which also makes it easier for your staff to keep track of who’s paying for a late checkout.

Physical keys can be duplicated, but electronic key cards are much more difficult to duplicate, especially RFID key cards. Nobody will have access to your rooms who isn’t supposed to have access, and you don’t have to worry about your physical keys being stolen while your staff is busy.

3. Key Cards as Souvenirs

Hotel guests love to take home their key cards as souvenirs of their stay. Unfortunately, most boutique hotels do not let their guests take home physical keys because they’re too difficult to replace. In fact, your hotel probably charges a replacement fee if guests don’t return them at checkout.

Key cards, on the other hand, make excellent souvenirs because they’re so easy and affordable to replace. They give you some value in brand visibility and customer retention.

4. Key Cards Can Be Customized

Physical keys are difficult to customize with your hotel logo and branding. Key cards are easy to customize, even if you don’t have access to designers or a marketing team. Front Desk Supply offers a complimentary design service that can create beautiful custom designs on your key cards.

How to Make Key Cards Look Vintage

You can give your key cards a vintage style that works with your boutique property. Front Desk Supply offers the following types of key cards that have a more elegant look:

  • Wooden or Cork Key Cards: Wooden or cork key cards look great at vintage properties that feature chic wood finishings and decor, or in a wine region.
  • Custom Designs: You can incorporate a vintage design on your key card to give it a more boutique appearance. For example, you could include Victorian-era or Art-Deco design patterns.
  • Luxury Finishing: You can add a sleek matte finish to your key cards that look and feel high-class.

You can also order other types of hotel supplies that will match the style and branding of your key cards, such as key card holders, signage, and stationery.

Get Key Card Access with Front Desk Supply

Want to implement key card access at your hotel? Front Desk Supply can assist you with ordering and designing key cards and also provide you with technical guidance to make the transition. For example, we can help you figure out which type of key card technology works best for your property and budget, or which type of lock system will look best on the doors in your hotel.

Contact us today and tell us more about your boutique hotel and your key card access needs.