Do you practice environmental consciousness in your hotel? No matter your size or specialty, taking steps to be better for the earth is always a great decision for you and your guests. Sustainability is important to us at Front Desk Supply, and boxed water helps us be a little more environmentally friendly in our efforts. Discover how our partnership with Boxed Water Is Better can benefit your hotel.

Better For The Environment

We chose Boxed Water Is Better as a strategic partner in hospitality because they go above and beyond to fulfill their mission of sustainability. Not only is the box packaging 92% plant-based, making them one of the most renewable packages in the water industry, but their FSC- and ISCC-certified cap is made of pine tree waste, which is responsibly harvested from Nordic forests. Their relentless efforts towards environmental friendliness make their boxes an excellent choice for hotels looking to decrease their plastic footprint. In fact, one bottled water has 200% the carbon footprint of boxed water. When it comes to sustainability, the switch to boxed water is simple but significant.

Better For Your Guests

Not only is boxed water great for the environment, but guests consistently praise Boxed Water Is Better as a factor in their positive guest experience. One customer, Cameron O., shared that he “offer[s] complimentary water to our clients, and they love them so much they save and reuse the container.” He is “happy to be a part of reducing plastic.” Nearly every hotel owner offering boxed water shares similar sentiments. Guests see this upgrade as a unique element of their stay, and they can help keep your hotel top-of-mind for guests as they reuse your bottles over and over again.

Better For Your Hotel’s Success

In a world where sustainability is becoming an expectation, making the switch to Boxed Water Is Better through Front Desk Supply can give you a leg up in meeting guest expectations and reducing your hotel’s carbon footprint. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their plastic consumption, and seeing that your hotel cares as well can ensure you successfully bring in new customers for years to come.

As we move through the pandemic and beyond, Front Desk Supply is committed to helping you provide the best guest experience possible. Having fully stocked supplies in place, including Boxed Water is Better, key sleeves, and PPE, is vital to ensure your hotel functions safely and efficiently from check-in to check-out.

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