If you’re a Front Desk Manager or Boutique Hotel Operator looking to impact change within your operation, you might have been frustrated by the lack of choices to help out the planet. In the hospitality industry, environmentally conscious hotel supplies have often felt inaccessible due to very high costs and unreliable supplier relationships. However, this barrier to entry has changed a lot in recent years, with greener hotel products being more readily available than ever.

Here’s why your hotel should consider making the switch:

Waste In The Hospitality Industry

Unfortunately, plastic consumption and the hospitality industry have gone hand-in-hand for decades. And while this brought us technologies such as key cards, it also meant that hotels would create a lot more waste moving forward. But in 2024, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a variety of choices.

The Difference of Using Environmentally Conscious Hotel Supplies

With environmentally conscious hotel supplies from Front Desk Supply, your hotel now has access to products made from renewable resources that don’t compromise on quality or affordability. From single-use amenities like key card sleeves to multi-use items such as key cards and do-not-disturb signs, the possibilities are endless on how much waste you could cut back on by switching to more sustainable hotel supplies.

Here’s a closer look:

Potential Cost Savings

One of the biggest misconceptions about environmentally conscious hotel supplies is that they come with too high a price tag. While that may have been the case in the past, it’s certainly different now. Today, it’s more affordable than ever for hotels to embrace eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. Sustainable suppliers like Front Desk Supply offer a range of budget-friendly options without compromising on quality.

“Beyond pricing, one of the other misconceptions we talk our hotel partners through is the concern about quality. They are relieved to learn that they can make a change to environmentally conscious hotel supplies and not sacrifice durability or appearance,” says Front Desk Supply Director of Commercial Operations Mark Zisek. “The desire to implement environmentally-friendly initiatives at our partner properties has grown each year, and the offerings we can share with them are also growing.”

Lower Carbon Footprint

Traditional hotel amenities have historically been made from non-biodegradable materials, which significantly contribute to pollution and landfill waste. Switching to environmentally conscious hotel supplies helps lower your carbon footprint and promotes a better world for all of your patrons. We’re so passionate about this that we’ll give back $75 of your total cost to you so you can offset your carbon footprint if you buy your eco-friendly hotel supplies through us this month.

High-Quality Products

Environmentally conscious hotel supplies have also come a long way when it comes to quality. At Front Desk Supply, we only work with top-tier manufacturers to give our customers products that they can rely on. That means no more having to worry about whether helping the environment and providing a great guest experience are mutually exclusive. Today’s green products feel and perform nearly identically to the standards your guests have come to expect.

Save $75 To Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing the right hospitality supply partner can make a huge difference for your bottom line. If you are interested in environmentally conscious hotel supplies, Front Desk Supply is here to help.

For a limited time only, we’ll give you back $75 of your cost so that you can offset your carbon footprint.