As the holiday rush picks up, travelers are booking hotel rooms left and right. With countless options to choose from, boutique hotels not only have to ensure they are the initial choice, but also the options that will get guests to keep coming back. 

From creating a memorable story to providing a promised experience, a boutique hotel’s branding is vital for guest retention. When it comes to marketing your brand, it’s all in the details. 

One detailed item that our team excels in is hotel room key cards. As our most popular product, we understand how important key cards are for both the hotel and the guest. We supply clients with a wide variety of unique room keys that express each boutique hotel’s personality. If you are looking to customize your key cards, our team will happily assist you.  

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Discover why room keys are an important aspect of a boutique hotel’s branding: 

They Are Used Multiple Times A Day

During an eventful stay at your independent hotel, a majority of your guests will be coming in and out of their rooms throughout the day. On average, guests use their key cards six to eight times a day. Every time they enter their room, there is an opportunity for key cards to be noticed. Whether it features tips to make their trip even more wonderful or a gorgeous photo of your hotel’s amenities, it can be utilized in your hotel’s advantage. This simple element will keep your brand top of mind. 

Most Guests Take Key Cards Home With Them 

It is no secret that many guests love taking key cards home. From card collecting to accidental keepsakes, your guests’ experience can be taken from your hotel straight to their home. By creating a memorable key card, their hotel experience is extended far beyond check out. An eye-catching design can transform a plastic card into a long-lasting memory. It is a minor detail that makes your boutique hotel special. 

It Represents Who Your Hotel Is Beyond Your Team

A guest’s experience doesn’t solely begin and end with customer service. They take notice of every aspect of their stay. Their time spent with your boutique hotel’s team is valuable, but what makes an exceptional stay lies within the extra effort of the details. 

When guests choose your boutique hotel, how does your branding help them remember their stay?

December Special: 

Hotel room keys are a special touch to your hotel’s experience that cannot be ignored. 

For the month of December, we are offering $75 off any new key card order!  Our team of experienced Graphic Artists can create a look for your hotel that will last well beyond their stay!

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