Maps: something that no traveler can live without. They take you exactly where you need to be and provide every route available. It is evident that maps are key to any business within the hospitality and travel industry. 

Aside from keeping guests mindlessly wandering around your boutique hotel, maps create an opportunity for your team to showcase your best amenities. 

At Front Desk Supply, our team is committed to serving the hotel industry through materials that will enhance your guests’ experience. Maps are often overlooked, but they provide great value to your guests. 

Reach out to us to design custom supplies like pens and notepads that are unique to your hotel. Our team of graphic artists will be happy to assist you.

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Maps may seem simple, but they are a perfect opportunity to collaborate with others and create an enhanced experience for your guests. 

Make the most out of your boutique hotel’s maps with these creative ideas: 

Stay Up To Date On The Latest Events 

Keep your guests in the know with the latest and greatest. If your city is known for hosting popular events year-round, having them on a map will encourage guests to go out and enjoy a new experience. Highlighting events like farmer’s markets, trade shows, and concerts provides guests with a visual of everything their stay has to offer. 

Explore The Outdoors 

If your boutique hotel is located in an area known for outdoor activities, give your guests the best tips for hikes and trails on your map. You can include the best spots to see wildlife and catch a beautiful sunset. 

Support Local Businesses 

As a business, supporting local businesses is a great way to connect with your community. Your hotel’s maps can feature sponsored messages that appeal to your guests. From local restaurants to boutiques, guests will appreciate getting a local’s recommendation. 

Follow A Schedule 

Is your boutique hotel hosting a conference? During an important event, the last thing your guests want to be doing is mindlessly wandering around your hotel as they try to find their way.  Create a map of your building that includes a schedule for each important event throughout the day. This will help guests plan and know exactly where they need to be. 

Enhance your guests’ stay by providing them with dynamic maps as they navigate through your city. 

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