How do you nurture your highest-paying or regular/high volume customers? If you have a guest who stays with you regularly, you might want to give them a VIP custom key card instead of a standard room key.

VIP key cards can turn an ordinary stay into a luxury experience for your special guests. Let’s explain how you can use these keys to keep your most valuable customers coming back.

What Are VIP Key Cards?

With a VIP key card, you can give your guests access to special amenities that aren’t available to every traveler.

A VIP card might offer special discounts at the hotel restaurant, gift shop, and spa, or allow the guest to have exclusive access to VIP lounges, seating areas, and facilities. [They also function as normal room keys.]

VIP key cards look different from your standard room keys. They have a custom design that gives your VIP a feeling of exclusivity and privilege.

At Front Desk Supply, our clients often choose to have their VIP cards made with a luxurious matte finish and a black or dark-colored aesthetic.

Why You Should Customize Key Cards for VIPs

VIP key cards have 3 main benefits:

1. They Build Loyalty

Your VIPs spend more money than the average guest, so you want to make them loyal to your property and forget that other hotels are even an option.

By giving your VIPs access to special discounts and exclusive amenities, you make them feel especially welcome at your hotel, and you’re also giving them a financial incentive to return.

2. They Control Access

VIP key cards allow you to restrict access to facilities that are reserved for VIP guests or rewards members. This is helpful if you have something like a membership/luxury lounge or an exclusive seating area in your restaurant.

VIP cards can also help you maintain security at private events that are being hosted on your property. For example, if there’s a wedding being hosted at your hotel, you can provide VIP cards for the attendees that grant them access to the ballroom and other facilities rented out by the wedding party.

3. They Help Your Staff

It’s important for your staff to know who the VIP guests are so they can provide exceptional service. Of course, you probably expect your staff to provide exceptional service for all guests, but with VIP guests, you want to add the bells and whistles whenever you can.

VIP key cards can help your staff immediately recognize special guests and anticipate their needs.

They also make it easier for your staff to apply discounts. For example, if your VIPs get a 15% discount at the gift shop, they can simply scan their VIP card at the cash register to get the savings. Without a VIP card, your employee would have to look up the guest’s membership number and apply the discount manually, which is more tedious and time-consuming.

Design VIP Key Cards with Front Desk Supply

You might want to order VIP key cards for your hotel but are wondering whether or not it’s worth the time and effort.

Don’t worry! Front Desk Supply makes it easy to order custom key cards, whether they’re for VIPs or all of your guests. We offer a variety of key cards that include:

Our in-house team is ready to assist you with everything from design to technical specifications. Contact us today for a quote.