The pen, often overlooked by boutiques and hotels, deserves more recognition than it receives. Personalized hotel pens come in all shapes, colors, styles, and are used by everyone. They are the perfect hotel amenity for any size or style hotel.

As experts with extensive experience in the hotel industry, we can confidently state that the pen reigns supreme for promotion! Having manufactured and designed millions of supplies for both boutique hotels and renowned hotel chains, we witness firsthand the pivotal role the pen plays in enhancing the guest experience.

Read more to learn how personalized hotel pens can benefit your hotel.

10 Ways Personalized Hotel Pens Can Benefit Your Business

Personalized pens can be a great tool for hotels to promote their brand, enhance customer experience, and boost overall success. Here are ten ways personalized pens can help your hotel.

#1: Memorabilia

Pens are great takeaways that your guests are likely to keep for a long time if the pen is one that they like. This serves as an inexpensive way to remind your guests of your stay, meaning they are more than likely to remember you when it comes time for them to rebook.

#2: Utility

Pens are an amenity that many hotel guests need and look for during their stay. Provide them with personalized tools they will need to sign guest agreements, scribble down reminders, and leave notes for hotel staff or themself.

#3: Brand Visibility

Personalized pens reinforce the brand for your guests and offer an inexpensive way to make your banding visible. If your guests bring your personalized pens with them outside of the hotel, they may show the brand to others who are not staying at your hotel.  This is especially true for conference attendees at your property.

#4: Professionalism

Pens bring a level of professionalism and legitimacy to your hotel or boutique that generic amenities do not. Present yourself as a high-quality operation by ensuring that you have put thought into even the smallest part of the guest experience, like your hotel pens.

#5: Gifts and Giveaways

Personalized pens, especially luxury pens, make great gifts for hotel guests. These high-quality items can serve as trinkets that guests can display on their desks or in their cabinets, reminding them of their stay at your boutique hotel.

#6: Inexpensive Marketing

Pens are simple and inexpensive marketing tools that hoteliers can give away at expo shows and events. If hotels invest in higher-quality custom pens, potential customers are more likely to hold onto them.  Pens have one of the best returns on investment in terms of times they are seen – much better than most advertising vehicles.

#7: Informational Tool

Hoteliers and managers can add information, including phone numbers and addresses to their custom pens, making them ideal tools for giving information to guests and potential customers so people can get in touch with your property.

#8: Engagement

Pens and other personalized amenities are a great way to have your guests engage with your hotel brand. Make your guests feel like they are in a place where they truly belong with engaging amenities.

#9: Promotions

Order custom pens to advertise new hotel events and promotions. Although the print space on a custom pen may seem small, there is a lot that you can do with the space given.

#10: Styluses and Luxury Items

If you are seeking a more high-end or tech-savvy approach for your guests’ experience, consider luxury pens and pens with embedded styluses. The higher end pens are an inexpensive and tactile way to elevate your guests’ stay.

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Hotel pens play a role in fostering a positive connection between your hotel and your guests. If you choose to order our personalized amenities in bulk, we will securely store your order in our warehouse. Take advantage of this smart opportunity in June.

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