Across the country, safety guidelines are consistent – as your hotel reopens, facemasks are necessary. Requiring both guests and employees to wear face masks in public areas keeps everyone safe, eases worries, and reduces liability for you as an owner. While all face masks are beneficial to your reopening plan, disposable face masks, in particular, have a place in every area of your hotel. Read on to discover the many ways disposable face masks can help you succeed in reopening.

Use in Guest Rooms

Shampoos, soaps, and robes – these are just some of the toiletries expected in a guest room, and they can significantly enhance the visitor experience for each party traveling through your hotel. Amid this global pandemic, you should add disposable face masks to the list of available amenities in each room. Packaging 2-4 disposable masks in each bathroom shows guests you are dedicated to safety and makes them feel taken care of. Wearing a disposable mask that is provided to them, even if it is exactly the same as the one they brought with them, can help the experience feel more upscale.

Have Them Readily Available for Staff

Masks don’t only keep guests safe, they protect employees as well. Having a stock of disposable face masks on hand for staff is vital to ensure that they have a sufficient rotation of clean masks to last through long shifts. The CDC recommends disposable masks be used only for 8-10 hours, so having a supply on-hand will help ensure your employees can grab a new one whenever needed.  

Make Safety Convenient

Guests visiting a hotel are looking for as much convenience as possible. Now that face masks are a requirement in many places across the country, you should be working to make them as accessible as possible to guests. Placing disposable face masks at important touchpoints and entrances to common areas of your hotel helps guests keep one on-hand at all times. Should a guest forget their mask in their room, it could be a hassle to go back and retrieve it; having disposable masks available at touchpoints throughout the hotel can mitigate that inconvenience. 
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