Large hotel chains have an advantage with their marketing because of their brand recognition. They are able to purchase branded materials like pens, notepads, and custom signage. Smaller boutique hotels do not have the same luxury, but need the same materials to market their hospitality business. With fewer marketing dollars to spend, it’s crucial for boutique hotels to order supplies that go the extra mile. With so much to consider, such as the unprecedented spike in travel Front Desk Managers need a supplier that can help customize items so that guest’s remember their stay.

Now more than ever it’s important to order the best boutique hotel supplies for hotel marketing from a trusted leader in the industry, Front Desk Supply.

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According to, travel spending surpassed 2019 levels for the third consecutive month and hit a new high of $105 billion in June 2022. That means your front desk managers need to stay ahead of the travel surge to make sure your boutique hotel has all the essential supplies to keep your guests pleased and coming back.

To help out front desk managers, Front Desk Supply is working to keep hotel product prices steady and below market price, despite industry price hikes and high demand. Below are our suggested top boutique supplies that are perfect for hotel marketing to help your hotel shine and create a more delightful guest experience. 

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Boutique Hotel Supplies for Hotel Marketing

Custom Signage 

These hotel products can feature your logo, custom branding and brand colors; designed well with hotel property photos, they can highlight what your guests enjoy most. Some common uses are Do Not Disturb signs, no smoking, conserve water and many more!  High-end boutique hotels like to take it to the next level with Front Desk Supply’s fabric or wood signs. These will be sure to signal luxury, opulence, and attention to detail. 

Rack Cards 

Rack cards are a great way to show off your hotel property with your hotel name, logo, branding, and tagline. Also, show one to three attractive photos that will draw your guests in. Of course, you’ll need your address, phone number, email address, your boutique hotel’s website, social media, and a QR code for directions or a map. Besides the essential information, you’ll want to delight your guests with information about your spa and spa treatments as well as other features and benefits of other amenities or services. 

Hotel Key Card Sleeves 

Key card sleeves are a nice way to let your brand shine while communicating important information like hotel room numbers with guests. Take it over the top with Front Desk Supply’s Luxury Hotel Key Sleeves. You can choose metallic ink, linen or other cover stock papers, or different finishes to catch the attention of your guests immediately with these key sleeves. We have lots of styles and shapes to choose from, as well as luxury, standard, and economy options.  All of these great features apply to key folders as well  – an especially great choice if you have lots of information to convey.

Business Cards 

Make your hotel brand stand out with your brand logo, brand color scheme, and design, as well as pertinent contact and location information. A business card says a lot about your brand as a boutique hotel. It’s important that it reflects your brand image by using a quality cardstock and finish, like suede to make it distinguished.

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Show Off Your Brand with Custom Marketing Boutique Hotel Supplies

At Front Desk Supply, not only are we able to design the perfect custom marketing hotel supplies for your custom signage and rack cards, we offer options for a variety of custom designed hotel orders. Please note that it takes approximately 3-4 weeks for custom items to be produced and shipped. Learn more about how we work with clients.

From custom design hotel room keys and key card folders to bag tags and staff ID badges, be assured you can find all your needs from one hotel supplier, conveniently and confidently, providing one-stop shopping that saves time and ease of fulfilling all your hotel supply needs. 

Remember, we offer free design services. Get a quote for a custom order, get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling us at (888)-859-2061.