Best Supplies for Hotels Near Military Bases

If you manage a hotel near a military base, you have an amazing opportunity to cater to military personnel and their loved ones.

When families visit their service members who are stationed on base, they’ll probably want to stay at a nearby hotel. Your property will be the family’s base camp for a few days of fun, relaxation, and priceless memories.

You can make a lasting impression on these military families by creating a special guest experience exclusively for your service members and their loved ones. All it takes are a few custom hotel supplies.

Let’s cover the best supplies for hotels near military bases and show you how a little customization can go a long way in creating beautiful reunions for military families.

Custom Stationery

One of the easiest and most heartfelt ways of showing your military appreciation is to write a welcome note for your military guests.

Use custom stationery with your hotel logo, and write a quick greeting, welcoming them to your property and thanking them for their service. You can write this note on a custom letterhead and hand it to the guests upon check-in, or you can write it on a custom notepad in the guest’s room.  Some of the most simple cards we see, have the biggest impact!

Signage and Banners for Groups

If you’re welcoming a large group of military guests, their families, or military veterans, you could welcome the group into your lobby by using custom signage or banners.

For example, when the group arrives at your hotel to check-in, you could greet them by hanging a custom banner in the lobby that’s personalized with a welcome message.

If the group is hosting a gathering in your restaurant or pool area, you could reserve tables for them using custom signage, such as tent signs or L-shaped signs, with the name of the group printed on custom stationery.

These little touches can make your guests feel so much more excited to stay at your property.

VIP Key Cards

Create VIP key cards exclusively for your military guests. These are special key cards that feature a unique design with a more luxurious matte finish, and they give your guests access to exclusive facilities around your property (i.e. VIP lounges) or special discounts.

For the design, you could add the logo of the military base / branch or something else that might be relevant to your military guests. Then, you just need to figure out which discounts or amenity access you want to place on the cards.

Show Your Military Appreciation with Front Desk Supply

It’s easy to show your military appreciation with Front Desk Supply! We can supply you with customizable hotel supplies, including key cards, key holders, signage, stationery, and more. We offer a free graphic design service to help you add logos, brand elements, or other visuals to your hotel supplies.

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