As a hotelier, you desire  your guests to feel safe and cared for while staying at your hotel. Do-Not-Disturb signs play an important role in the guest experience, encouraging seamless communication between your guests and your hotel’s staff. If you are looking to order new custom hotel signage, like do-not-disturb signs, there is an abundance of design options available to match the ambiance of your hotel.

The industry leaders at Front Desk Desk Supply have partnered with hundreds of hotels across the country, both independent and franchise, to bring the highest caliber of custom hotel signage to guests. We believe in providing superior products with competitive prices.

Read more to learn more about your range of options when ordering new do-not-disturb signs for your hotel.

Do Custom Do-Not-Disturb Signs Matter?

Custom signage is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a memorable and seamless guest experience. When guests see personalized, creative and well-designed signs, it conveys attention to detail and a commitment to their comfort.

Your hotel’s signage is an extension of your brand. They additionally provide clear communication between your hotel staff and your guests, meaning guests can rest in the security of knowing they will not be disturbed, and that your staff can know when rooms are available to be serviced.

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The Best Option for Custom Hotel Signage

Imagine you are a guest at your hotel, and you come upon a creatively phrased, well-designed do-not-disturb sign. It will become apparent to you that the hotel you are staying in is a high-quality establishment where the manager has paid attention to the details. What do these hotel signs look like to you? How do they match the branding and feel of your hotel? Here are some options below for you to consider:


Choosing the right material is crucial for your custom do-not-disturb signs. Some popular options include cost-effective and versatile paper, plastic, or PVC signs that come in various colors and can be customized with your hotel’s branding.  Teslin signs provide a similar look and feel to PVC, but eco friendly.  Wooden signs provide a classic and upscale look and can be engraved or painted with your hotel’s logo and message. Meanwhile, metal signs are durable and give a sense of permanence. They are often associated with luxury hotels.


The shape of your do-not-disturb sign can reflect your hotel’s unique style. A rectangular-like shape is a classic shape that is easy to read and provides plenty of space for your message. An oval shape is a more traditional and elegant choice that can add a touch of sophistication to your room. At Front Desk Supply, we offer many custom shapes that align with your brand’s decor.


Your signs can be one color or can have full color printing: Materials that cannot be printed on can be engraved with a wide variety of designs. You also have a choice of finishes, including matte and glossy options, matching your sign to the atmosphere of your hotel. But when you opt for custom hotel signage, don’t be surprised if guests start taking them home. For this reason, we encourage putting your hotel contact info on them, it’s a good way to promote your property.

Your Trusted Partner for Do-Not-Disturb Signs

If you’re a hotelier looking to enhance your guests’ experience with custom do-not-disturb signs, now is the time to act. Contact Front Desk Supply today to learn more about our monthly deal on hotel supplies and get started on creating custom signage that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Consider Front Desk Supply as your partner in crafting an extraordinary guest experience. From free setup services to expert guidance, we make sure your do-not-disturb signs enhance your brand.

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