February 19, 2018 – – Front Desk Supply, a leading supplier to the hotel industry is helping lead the conversation on the future of Do Not Disturb signs after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas.
“Let’s face it – – good customer service is ingrained in the hospitality industry” said Mark Zisek, Front Desk Supply’s Director of Commercial Operations. He continued, “So how best to tackle the delicate balance between respecting a guest’s privacy and ensuring guest’s security? Many of our clients are taking a close look at their Do Not Disturb Policies and how they are communicated to their guests. In many cases this also involves revising and reprinting their individual guestroom Do Not Disturb signs.”
Traditionally, a Do Not Disturb sign meant that no hotel employee would enter a guestroom during the guest’s stay. In recent years, some hotels would enter every couple of days regardless of the sign. But after the Las Vegas shooting, where the suspect’s room remain unchecked for upwards of four days due to his Do Not Disturb sign, during which time he was likely stockpiling his weapons in the room, it has become apparent that hotels must tackle the delicate task of balancing a guest’s security over their privacy.
Industry leading hotels have compromised with verbiage such as: “We understand and respect your need for privacy. However, we reserve the right to visually inspect all guest rooms every 24 hours to ensure the well-being of our guests and the condition of our rooms. Thank you!”
According to Michael Bullis, President of Destination Properties, LLC: “Las Vegas stimulated our growing concern for guest safety. We have believed for a very time that every room has to be checked. We applaud the decision by Disney and Hilton to make it a policy to do regular checks.” He continued, “It goes beyond safety, but also includes sanitary considerations as well as the health of our guests. Communicating the importance of this to our guests ensures that there are no surprises. After all, the ultimate goal is a good guest experience and good communication goes a long way towards ensuring that.”
While this evolution of the Do Not Disturb sign and its meaning has changed, it does not necessarily have to lose the caring, service oriented feel that many hoteliers strive to achieve. “While we are working with a finite space, our years of experience in the hotel industry allow us to put together a layout that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but helps communicate our hotel clients’ new Do Not Disturb Policies,” said Louis Neiheisel, a graphic designer with Front Desk Supply.
Do Not Disturb Front Desk Supply provides a variety of Privacy, Do Not Disturb signs and “request service” signs. They have Do Not Disturb signs that insert into the door locks (often for magnetic key cards), Do Not Disturb signs that that sit in a vinyl holder attached to the door, as well as Do Not Disturb signs that hang from the door (both magnetic key card and RFID key card use). They can do custom
versions and have some generic versions as well. These are double-sided and use logos to make them easy to understand for international guests without having to read the signs.
Front Desk Supply offers a host of in-room sign options – standing signs, tent signs, and hanging signs. These cover everything from No Smoking and Channel Guides to Towel Conservation signs.
If you need some advice on updating you Do Not Disturb Signs or Policy, please feel free to contact Front Desk Supply. Their experienced sales team is available to review options, provide a competitive price quote and answer any questions.
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