Shopping for eco-friendly hotel supplies couldn't have been easier.With every year that passes, consumers gain more information and insight about the impact of their purchasing and service decisions. Such awareness has resulted in a rapidly growing trend of socially and environmentally responsible consumerism. Businesses that make commitments to responsible and socially conscious decisions, and follow through with those commitments with transparency, accountability, and earnestness, will get ahead in the growing market, whereas those who do not will be quickly left behind. This trend expands to every industry, including the hotel and hospitality industry.

Small-to-medium hotels and boutiques wanting to adapt their practices to be more eco-friendly can begin by implementing eco-friendly hotel supplies. Supplies such as magnetic and RFID key cards, do-not-disturb signs, pens, notebooks, and more not only provide an integral part of the hotel experience, but can be the first step to indicating to your guests your commitment to move towards sustainability.

Naturally, hoteliers and hotel managers may wonder about the cost of switching to more environmentally friendly practices. Luckily, there are many changes hoteliers can make that have a low-cost differential.

How Much Will it Cost My Hotel to Switch to More Eco-Friendly Hotel Supplies?

The cost of switching to more eco-friendly hotel supplies depends on the environmentally friendly solution that hoteliers choose, and is directly tied to the material of which the supplies are made. It is relatively low-cost to switch from purchasing products made of traditional paper and plastic to products made of recycled paper and plastic. Ideal products to switch to recycled paper and plastic are hotel key card folders and sleeves made of recycled paper, or click pens and stick pens made of recycled plastic.

Environmentally-friendly magnetic and RFID key cards may be made of Teslin® or recycled PVC — low-cost materials. Non PVC and Increased Durability Teslin® is a synthetic paper product and Polyester laminate a by-product of petroleum. Polyester and Teslin® have a reputation of being environmentally friendly.

Supplies with a higher price point include key card sleeves and do-not-disturb signs made of seeded paper. Seeded paper is embedded with seeds to grow wildflowers. While it is more expensive to switch to supplies made of seeded paper, these products are likely to leave a bigger impression with guests, as seeded paper is a popular novelty.

Other materials that will be more expensive to switch from traditional materials are those made of wood and hardwood, such as RFID key cards and engraved signage. These beautiful supplies are sure to catch the attention of guests, and are worth the investment if a hotelier’s clientele would appreciate luxury accents and supplies.

Where to Find Eco-Friendly Hotel Supplies

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Your Source for Hotel Supplies

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