January 10, 2018 – – Front Desk Supply is pleased to be a sponsor of the Stash Summit January 29th-30th, 2018 in Orlando, FL. During this time they have been invited to present their product line and to speak about the current trends in the industry.
“Social Media has become a powerful tool for the hospitality industry,” said Mark Zisek, Front Desk Supply’s Director of Commercial Operations. He continued, “We have found that many boutique hotels are searching for ways to accumulate positive reviews and feedback form happy guests. Hotel Key Sleeves and folders are great vehicles, not only for hotel branding, but for links to social media and desirable review sites. We are looking forward to sharing some social media branding strategies with everyone at the Stash Summit later this month.”
For the past 10 years, Front Desk Supply has been a great resource for room key cards, key holders and folders for their clients’ hotels. Last month month they celebrated a landmark of fulfilling OVER 25 million key cards orders for their customers. One of the first product lines they added to the Front Desk suite of products was key card sleeves and key card folders.
According to Mark Zisek, “Key Card sleeves and key card folders are an excellent opportunity to extend your hotel’s brand and to make an impact upon your guests. Beyond social media, guests often retain these folders as reminders of your hotel’s amenities and hours of operation.”
Key Card Folders Key card folders hold key cards within a pocket style folder. Providing guests with a memorable service by including important information about the hotel: check-out times, car rental info, room service & directory numbers, traveler’s safety tips and restaurant & tourist attractions. Front Desk Supply customizes 1 – 2 pocket style key card folders in several sizes to compliment any hotel’s brand.
Key Sleeves: Key sleeves provide protection, extending the life of a hotel key card, while offering a convenient place to note the hotel room number for guests. Front Desk Supply offers economical and high-end key sleeves for RFID and magstripe keycards.
Quality Key Card Holders: Guests use hotel key card holders approximately 15 times during their stay. Front Desk Supply focuses on making high quality products with a memorable design. Guests won’t forget where they stayed!
“This month, we are offering a $75 discount on all first time key card holder and folder orders,” stated Zisek.
For the month of January, any new or existing client who places a first time order for key cards will receive $75 off of their order.
Questions? Have a question about a new product? Front Desk Supply’s experienced sales team is available to review options, provide a competitive price quote and answer any questions.
Simply, call: 888-859-2061 . Or visit: FrontDeskSupply.com
Why Front Desk Supply? Whichever products customers choose, Front Desk Supply successfully competes with all other providers. Why? Because Front Desk Supply doesn’t charge the large industry standard markups like many other competitors do and is keenly focused on efficiencies. Unlike other suppliers, Front Desk Supply is invested in becoming a preferred partner with hotels for many years to come.
People interested in placing a new business card order, may call Front Desk Supply 888-859-2061 to be eligible for their 500 free social media cards!
About Front Desk Supply Front Desk Supply has over 50 years of Sales, Marketing and Advertising, and Operations experience, along with the wealth of experience that comes from producing millions of products for thousands of hotels in the hospitality industry.
Their experience includes a wealth of customer relationship experience, including large and small companies in diverse industries. This experience gets ingrained in all employees to put the customer first and do their best to understand each unique situation. Front Desk Supply excels when being able to provide multiple products – it makes for a one stop shopping experience for customers and ensures messaging flows consistently across products. They do our best to make recommendations that make good business sense.
Front Desk Supply: Making hotels more profitable and their guests’ stays more memorable.TM