With the busy holiday season fast approaching, it’s easy to get lost in the bustle of day-to-day tasks and forget crucial aspects of the overall operations of your hotel business. Making a hotel inventory list of the supplies needed for the holiday surge ensures that, even with turnover, your supplies will get to you on time. Below are some things on your holiday hotel custom supplies checklist to consider before the holidays roll around in full gear.

Checklist for the Front Desk

Magnetic and RFID Key Cards

The holiday surge means that your hotel requires enough key cards to accommodate your guests. It’s paramount to have enough cards for every individual guest — not just every room. Without enough cards for each guest, arrangements quickly become difficult, especially between parties trying to coordinate their comings and goings from your hotel. Whether you have a magnetic or RFID system, guests will benefit from custom keycards to enhance their stay. If your hotel increases its staffing with seasonal employees, remember to add additional staff keycards to your checklist.

Pens and Notepads

The surge in guests means that your hotel staff will be forced to coordinate many moving pieces. Ensure that the front desk has the administrative tools they need, including pens, notepads, and other paper products like business cards, notebooks, and calendars.

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Checklist for Housekeeping and Maintenance

Door Signs

Help your housekeeping staff manage suites safely and efficiently with adequate door signs. Stock your supplies with “Do Not Disturb” signs, “Housekeeping Requested” signs, or “Pet In Room” signs.

In-Room Signs

Housing Policy Signs should be updated ahead of the Christmas season to reflect new best practices, especially as the worst parts of the pandemic remain in the past. Additional in-suite signage includes “No Smoking” signs or water conservation signs.

Maintenance Supplies

Key card reader cleaners can keep your hotel equipment clean during the holiday surge, ensuring that there are no malfunctions with the equipment.

Checklist Food and Beverage

Wine Glasses, Mugs and Cups

Hotel guests can celebrate the holidays and the New Year with cups, mugs, and wine glasses with custom designs. Choose from a wide range of designs for coffee mugs, from latte mugs to canteens. In the evening, guests can switch to wine glasses, whether your hotel prefers custom tumblers, stemmed glasses, or champagne flutes.

Drink Accessories

Heighten guest experience with custom coasters, beer and wine openers, and custom drink vouchers.

Checklist for Concierge and Miscellaneous

Custom Tags

Increased visitors means increased luggage. Custom luggage tags, parking tags, and valet tags keep wait times down and customers to their destinations satisfactorily.

Paper Products

Keep your hotel operation running with custom envelopes, letterheads, postcards, rack cards, comment cards, compliment cards, and more.

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