With the worst bouts of Coronavirus-19 behind us, managers and workers in many industries are wondering what level of continued caution and care is needed moving forward. In the hotel industry, the past few years have forced you to consider the safety and cleanliness of the objects your guests interact with, from coffee mugs to door handles, towels, soap dispensers, television remotes, and even down to magnetic key cards and their readers. Although it may be tempting to do away with heightened cleanliness for 2023, especially for key cards, hotel key card cleaners will still be relevant for 2023.

The Importance of Cleaning Hotel Key Card Readers

Signs of a dirty key card reader are repeated swipes, rejections, or card reading errors. A hotel key card cleaner and card reader cleaner prevents unnecessary wear and tear of the magnetic strip from dust, lint, and other foreign objects. Guests carry their cards in a variety of ways — inside pockets, waistbands, purses, wallets, and sometimes socks. Key cards may get dropped on the floor, outside on the pavement, in the dirt, or in the sand. Build-up on these cards and in the reader is multiplied by each user.

With maintained cleaning between each guest, hotels can extend the life of their key cards and key card readers and provide safe handling for the next guest. A clean key card improves the use of the card, preventing a buildup of dirt and debris in the card reader. Taking preventative measures to maintain your key card system delays the need for hasty replacements and repair down the line in financially tighter positions.

In a hotel, attention to details matter. Your guests will feel safest and the most secure in an environment that cares for cleanliness down to every detail. Dirt and buildup on key cards and magnetic key card readers can pause a guest’s enjoyment of their stay, especially if the buildup prevents the keycard from working properly and fails to open the guest room door.

How to Use Hotel Key Card Cleaner and Card Reader Cleaner

Because hotel key card readers feature tight corners, key card reader cleaners, like Waffletechnology® Card Reader Cleaners, are essential to cleaning them. The cleaner specifically designed for these devices comes in a flat and compact size and can clean any swipe or insert card reading device. Simply insert or swipe the cleaner like you would a card, ensuring that dirt and debris are removed from even the most difficult-to-reach places. For hotel key cards, individually wrapped alcohol wipes, like Individually Wrapped 70% IPA Sanitizing Wipes For Electronics and Key Cards, ensure that cards can be cleaned without over-wetting and damaging them.

Your Supplier for All Your Hotel Needs

From key card cleaners to custom guest key cards, Front Desk Supply is committed to helping you give the best guest experience possible for the travel flow of the holiday season and beyond. Browse magnetic hotel key cards and RFID key cards, and handle all of your hotel supplies needs in one place.