Hotel Key Card Design: More Than Just Your Hotel Logo

A well-designed room key can help your brand make a stronger impression on guests, while improving customer loyalty, brand visibility, and business partnerships. Most hotel key card designs feature the hotel logo, but if you want your key cards to have a higher marketing impact, you’ll want to add other types of design elements. If you’re a hotel manager, you can consult Front Desk Supply if you want to spruce up your room keys. Many of the hotels we’ve partnered with use the following visual information to shape their hotel key card design:

  • Facilities / Amenity Photos
  • Facility hours/phone numbers and coupons if there is a cost
  • Contact Information
  • Partnership Branding

1. Facility / Amenity Photos

When you’re crafting a new hotel key card design, you need to include more than just your hotel logo.  Guests remember great pictures!  You should also consider the background behind it.

Choose a background photo that best exemplifies your brand and the type of experience you’re offering to your guests. You might include a photo of:

  • Your Property: Most hotels prefer to use a photograph of the hotel property, usually an image of the hotel’s entrance or notable architectural features.
  • Your Neighborhood: If your hotel is located in a beautiful or exciting part of town, you might choose to include a photo of the neighborhood sites and attractions. This might be the best option for properties in need of renovation or if your primary selling point is your vicinity to popular attractions.
  • Your Facilities: You can use a photo that displays any attractive or distinctive facilities around your property, such as the pool area, bar, lobby, spa, suites, or the view from a balcony room.

Background photos have two benefits. First, they transmit your brand messaging as soon as your guests check into the hotel. Second, satisfied guests may want to take their room keys home with them as souvenirs. A key card can be a visual reminder of their positive experience at your hotel and may compel them to stay with you again in the future.

2. Contact Information

Contact information is a feature that’s often overlooked when you’re trying to come up with a new hotel key card design. Every room key should have your hotel’s:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • After-Hours Phone Number (if applicable)
  • Email Address
  • Website

For some travelers, they may forget the name of the hotel in which they’re staying or where the hotel is located. All this information should be readily available on your key cards.  We can’t tell you how many times guests dial our company because our web site is on our generic keys – if that is any indicator, it is an important piece of information!

It’s not easy to incorporate this information on a tiny room key while maintaining a clean and stylish design. If you need assistance designing your custom key cards, reach out to Front Desk Supply and ask about our complimentary design service.

3. Partnership Branding

You might occasionally want to promote your hotel’s partners, such as:

  • Local businesses or attractions
  • Conferences
  • Conventions and exhibitions
  • Corporate groups that stay with you regularly

With Front Desk Supply, you’re able to craft room keys that feature both your hotel’s and your partner’s logo, imagery, and branding elements. They can help you strengthen your business partnerships or build customer loyalty with your regular groups.

If you’re ordering RFID key cards, you can even include scannable barcodes for local restaurants and stores.

Hotel Key Cards: Design and Save

We make it easy and affordable to add stunning designs to your room keys. You don’t even need an in-house designer or outsourced marketing team; when you order custom key cards with Front Desk Supply, you’ll have our in-house design team on hand to create a spectacular look. Contact us today and tell us how you’d like to spruce up your key cards.