First impressions are important, especially when your hotel guests first enter their room at your hotel property. From the beds and bathroom amenities to desk stationery and decor, those first 30-seconds can impact the overall stay. Front Desk Supply offers up a virtual tour of all of the ways essential hotel room supplies make the difference in a memorable experience.

Important Hotel Room Supplies for the Best Guest Experience

Hotel Bathroom Must-Haves

Entering the bathroom, hopefully, your guests will feel warm comfort with plenty of light, plush towels, toiletries, glasses with coasters, a blowdryer, and helpful signage about towels and perhaps water conservation tips. Tent-shaped signs are great options for areas in the bathroom to communicate information about towels, bathrobes, and housekeeping. As sustainability is critical to many guests, positioning a note about how to reuse towels vs. how to exchange towels is important.

Hotel Room Closet Comforts

When your guests look to store their clothes, there are many items to enhance the comfort. Customize your wooden hangers supply with your branding to offer wrinkle-free storage, so every wardrobe change yields another reminder of your property’s care. An iron and ironing board are also critical, along with handy laundry bags for guests to place their clothes in to bring home.

Hotel In-Room Beverage Service

Providing cold drinks as part of the in-room experience is not only an upsell but offering those drinks also eliminates trips down the hallway to the vending machines or out of the property to the store. Beyond making sure the minifridge is stocked with cold beverages, have an ice bucket nearby. Having bottled water with your logo is another nice touch, as are glasses, coasters, and napkins, which are always a good call to help guests feel more at home. Providing a coffee maker with a nice selection of coffee and tea, along with coffee mugs, are important for mornings. For guests on the go, you want to make sure you have plenty of disposable cups.

Hotel In-Room Desk Stationery

No matter how technological we become, nothing beats pen and paper for notes. For the desk, we offer a range of paper and cover stocks to make sure your brand comes through with your notepads and stationary, along with branded envelopes and pens. Postcards are a fun staple for your guests to send or as a keepsake to remember their trip. Brochures are also helpful to have on hand with tips about local attractions.

Hotel Table and Nightstand Needs

On a table or on the nightstand by the bed, a nice welcome note provides a personal touch. Here’s a great place to have your disposable food, drink, and bar menus, as well as your Guest Service Directory filled with local maps, hotel dining options, and amenities.

“L” shaped signs are most commonly used as reminders to guests about the smoking policy in the room and housekeeping hours. Giving guests a space to share their praise, comments, or concerns is a great way to let them know you are open to feedback and always looking to improve.

Ensure You Have All the Right Supplies to Make a Difference in Your Guests’ Stay

Providing guests with the right hotel room supplies can truly make a difference to their stay. Being tasked with ordering in-room hotel supplies, you need to make sure to be stocked with hotel essentials. At Front Desk Supply, we offer a wide range of hotel room supplies to please your guests and make a memorable impression. Which products do you need help with? Get a quote for a custom order, get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling us at (888)-859-2061.