At this point, most hotels have already stocked the basic personal protective equipment (PPE) required to open. You likely have a supply of face masks, sneeze guards, and signage on hand and ready to go. To help your hotel elevate the guest experience for those traveling during COVID-19, customization can take the guesswork out of providing top-notch service to your guests. Many, if not all our PPE products can be customized: face masks and shields, sneeze guards, signage of all types, and tamper-proof seals. Here are a few ways customized PPE can help your hotel stand out from the crowd. 

Keep Branding Consistent

If branding is important to your hotel, you likely wouldn’t provide unbranded keycards or brochures, so why leave PPE unbranded? From simple color customization on face masks to a full branded signage line, keeping your marketing consistent on all personal protective equipment will make your efforts stand out. If your hotel is full of bright colors and exciting imagery, use those same themes on your PPE. If your branding is minimalistic and clean, follow the same guidelines for safety stickers, signage, and other protective items. Keeping your branding consistent with all of your equipment will help keep your brand top-of-mind for guests.

Make Safety Requirements Fun

While safety measures like social distancing, face masks, and sneeze guards may not be optional, they do not have to be boring. Make these health requirements fun by adding your hotel’s own personal twist to them. A guest will feel much more excited to stay with you if they see your branding on the PPE, rather than the same blue disposable face mask they can find anywhere. It can also help create a sense of reassurance among guests. The visual comfort of a custom face mask or sneeze guard can help combat the fears some guests may be feeling during this time. Offering guests branded equipment makes them feel more involved in your safety protocols and more comfortable staying in your hotel. 

Stand Out From the Crowd

Customization allows you to stand out from the crowd by putting your brand name front and center. You want your PPE efforts to appear unique and effortful, and customizing them with your logo and brand colors can help create this effect. Custom PPE is a smart marketing call for hotels as they reopen – it will impress customers and elevate your marketing when compared to competitors. 
At Front Desk Supply, we offer custom face masks, face shields, sneeze guards, tamper-evident seals, comfort straps, signage, and more. Discover how you can get started with customizing your hotel’s personal protective equipment here.

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