As a hotel manager striving for excellence, you’re likely aware that keeping up with technological trends is key. However, have you considered how RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) key cards could redefine your guest experience?

At Front Desk Supply, our team believes that all hotels can take advantage of high-quality supplies and that RFID key cards are a product that all hoteliers can use to change their guests’ experience. 

Read below for our insight on how RFID key cards are changing the hotel industry.

The Evolution of Hotel Lock Systems

Before delving into the game-changing capabilities of RFID key cards, let’s take a walk down memory lane to understand the limitations they’ve overcome. Traditional mechanical keys were the norm up until the 1970s. While nostalgic, they posed numerous challenges, from the risk of key loss rendering rooms useless, to the ease with which they could be duplicated by wrongdoers.

The punch card system emerged in the 1970s as a relief from these issues but had its own set of drawbacks—limited functionality, fragility, and a tendency toward programming errors.

Fast forward to the 1980s, and magstripe cards arrived on the scene. Offering reusability and customization, they seemed like the perfect solution, but they weren’t without flaws—namely, the risk of demagnetization and security concerns.

The Dawn of RFID Key Cards to Improve Hotel Guests’ Experience

Enter RFID key cards, a touchless technology that only requires the card to be within close proximity of the reader to trigger access. With added security layers, thanks to a secure chip, and a variety of form factors—like wristbands, key fobs, and lanyards—RFID cards offer unparalleled versatility and convenience for guests.

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Not just for room access, RFID key cards can also be preloaded with funds for in-hotel purchases, custom-branded, and even integrated with NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology for a broad spectrum of user applications.

Your Trusted Partner for RFID Hotel Key Cards: Front Desk Supply

Front Desk Supply is not just a supplier; consider us your partners in crafting an extraordinary guest experience. From free setup services to expert guidance, we make sure your RFID hotel key cards enhance your brand and meet your specific needs.  Please check with our team to help provide you some information and considerations as you consider a new RFID key card system.

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