Each step of your hotel’s reopening plan has been thoughtfully designed – you have proper safety measures, sufficient cleaning supplies on hand, and protocols in place should an emergency occur. All of the big items are ready to go, but have you sufficiently prepared the smaller details? It’s likely the little items – the ones you may not think of – are the things that stand out and make your guests feel like they are being cared for. Tamper seal tape is one of those small details. 
See how Tamper Seal Tape can turn the guest experience from cautious to comfortable:

How You Can Use It

Tamper Seal Tape has valuable uses in many different parts of your hotel. You can place it on guest room doors after cleaning to reassure guests that your sanitation policies are top-of-the-line, and nobody has entered their room since its most recent clean. Walking up to a hotel room door that is marked with tamper seal tape can be a sigh of relief for wary guests and help ease any concerns about the sanitation process. You can even take it a step further by packaging the hospitality products left in rooms in one bag marked with tamper tape; this practice shows the guest you are going above and beyond basic safety standards to keep them safe. The use of this tape on guest room doors can also keep cleaners organized and make it easier to keep track of which rooms are clean and ready, and which ones need more attention. 
Restrooms are another wise location to make use of tamper seal tape. Bathrooms in lobbies, restaurants, or pool areas will need to be cleaned regularly, as these are high traffic areas. Marking the doors with tamper seal tape each time you do is a clear marker to guests of your sanitation standards and will give them further peace of mind in more crowded areas.
Tamper Seal Tape is a simple tool – when removed it reveals a “void” marker, so guests and staff know the tape was removed.  The Tape is designed to avoid peeling paint, and won’t change the appearance of the door or the frame.  

How It Improves The Experience

As mentioned, tamper seal tape is an effective product that clearly shows guests how often and thoroughly you are cleaning your hotel, in both public and private areas. This improves the experience during COVID-19 by giving guests a visual representation of your dedication to their safety. Customizing your tamper-tape can also be a great way to give your personal protective equipment some personality, and carry your hotel’s branding consistently across all products. Keeping guests safe and your hotel clean is a sterile process, but customizing the copy on your tamper seal tape can make it feel warmer and more comfortable for those visiting your hotel as well.  Adding a logo, or a clever way to say “Clean & Sanitized” lightens the tone for the guest and helps your branding efforts. Currently, Front Desk Supply offers this item in blue. 
At Front Desk Supply, we want the implementation of safety processes at your hotel to be as simple as possible. Our guest-first mindset puts your customers at the forefront; while we supply products to you, we do so with an elevated customer experience in mind. Visit our website to see how tamper seal tape and other PPE plays a role in that mission.

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