You can refine your hotel’s presentation by using a product that many hotels don’t know about: the multi-panel key folder. If you manage a boutique or independent hotel, you’re probably looking for a way to show your hotel guests that your property offers an experience that goes above and beyond standard hotel chains. Multi-panel key folders convey that message right at check-in. What are the benefits of a multi-panel key folder, and how can you create them with Front Desk Supply?

What’s a Multi-Panel Key Folder

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A standard key card folder has two panels that fold in half. A multi-panel key folder has three or more panels with multiple seams.

While a standard key folder is tall and vertical, a multi-panel key folder is shorter and more square-shaped, with an emphasis on horizontal experience rather than vertical experience.

Benefits of a Multi-Panel Key Folder

Multi-panel key folders have several benefits:

  • More Design Possibilities: You can create eye-popping designs on a multi-panel key folder. Logos, slogans, high-quality photographs, greetings, hotel information—you can mix and match each panel any way you want. Since the panels open one at a time, you have the opportunity to do a little storytelling and unveil each part of the guest experience.
  • More Information: Multi-panel key folders give you a little more design space so you can add property information like restaurant hours, spa packages, and hotel maps. This information will help your guests enjoy their stay and encourage them to spend money around the property.
  • More Unique: Multi-panel key folders aren’t used by many hotels, so they’re more likely to dazzle your guests and make your hotel stand out. Your guests might even take the folders home as souvenirs.
  • More Luxurious: Multi-panel key folders are a little more expensive than standard key folders (more paper, more folds), but they’re undoubtedly more luxurious and give boutique hotels more posh and polish. Even if your hotel uses standard key folders, you might consider using multi-panel key folders for your groups, VIP guests, and master suites.

3 Design Tips to Get Started

Not sure what your multi-panel key folders should look like? Here are a few design tips to jog your creativity.

  • Emphasize Your Perks: What are the best aspects of your hotel? The pool? The view from the rooms? The location? Think about ways you can emphasize these qualities on one or two of the panels.
  • Pick Your Best Pictures: Multi-panel key folders are excellent for displaying the nicest photographs of your property.
  • Give a Warm Welcome: Multi-panel key folders allow you to welcome your guests via greeting or slogan. Think of a sentence or a few words that reinforce your hotel brand. (Your staff might have a few ideas, too!)

If you can’t think of something right away, don’t worry. At Front Desk Supply, we have an in-house design team that can help you for no extra cost.

Easily Create a Multi-Panel Key Folder with Front Desk Supply

Ready to create a multi-panel masterpiece? Get a quote today! Our design team can incorporate any ideas that you have or create a design for you.  We have done lots of these, so get us your pictures and ideas and we will turn it into a great guest experience!

We can also create key cards, stationery, and other hotel supplies that are impeccably branded for your hotel. Once you’ve purchased from us, it’s easy for us to incorporate your branding in all future supplies you order.