You can improve the guest experience at your hotel without adding more staff, buying new furniture, or increasing your budget. All you’ve got to do is add a QR code to your key holders.

Here’s how your guests can scan their way to a better experience at your property.

Uses for a Key Card Holder QR Code

QR codes allow your hotel guests to access helpful information and resources from their smartphones. It makes everything easier for your guests and helps you cut down on costly paper products that would communicate the same information.

Hotels commonly use QR codes to provide the following resources:

  • Menus: Many—if not most—of the hotel guests who call the front desk are asking for a restaurant/room service menu. You can cut down on these calls by making the food and beverage menus accessible via QR code.
  • Maps: Larger hotels can provide guests with a property map so they can easily find the restaurant, pool, fitness center, or gift shop. You can also include a city/neighborhood map if your hotel has plenty of nearby restaurants, shops, or attractions.
  • Discounts: Allow your guests to access discounts at partner shops and restaurants by showing their key card holder QR code.
  • Reviews: Encourage your hotel guests to leave a review on TripAdvisor or Yelp so you can generate positive word of mouth. A QR code can provide a quick link to either of those websites.

There will always be hotel guests who prefer paper materials: paper menus, paper coupons, paper maps, etc. It’s beneficial to keep physical versions on hand when your guests ask for them, but you’ll find that most guests are happy using their smartphones. With QR codes, you can save money by cutting down on your paper and ink usage.

Why Do QR Codes Work Best on Key Holders?

You could add QR codes to many different areas of your property, but they’re most effective on key card holders. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Visibility: QR codes should be placed where they’re highly visible to guests, and key holders often get the most looks. Ideally, your key holders display important information like Wi-Fi passwords and front desk operating hours, so your guests are bound to look at them several if not dozens of times during their stay.
  2. Presentation: Some hotels add QR codes to their restaurant tables, elevators, and concierge desk, but too many QR codes can make a hotel look tacky. Prevent your walls and furniture from losing their elegance by adding QR codes to your key holders instead.
  3. Discounts: Your guests may need the QR code when they’re away from the hotel, especially if the QR code gives them a discount somewhere. Print the QR code on the key card and key sleeve to make sure it travels with your guest.

How To Make a Key Card Holder QR Code

There’s a wide variety of online generators that can make QR codes for your hotel. All you’ve got to do is provide a website URL, PDF document, image, or other type of asset, and the generator will make a QR code for you.

Front Desk Supply can add the QR code to any type of key card holder that you want to order, whether they’re key sleeves or key folders (we’re also happy to assist you in creating the QR code if you’re having difficulty).

We have in-house designers ready to help you create a lovely design for your QR code key card holders and we can get them delivered to your hotel only 2-3 weeks after you’ve confirmed the final production proofs. Request a quote to get started.