Looking for a simple, but effective way to improve your hotel’s presentation? There’s a small but powerful product you employ when you hand room keys to guests – key card folders.

If your hotel currently uses key sleeves (or doesn’t use any type of key card holder) then you might be wondering whether or not key card folders are a worthwhile purchase.

Key card folders have more design space, giving you the freedom to incorporate memorable branding or include helpful information about your property. Let’s explore.

Advantages of Key Card Folders

Here are the main advantages of using key card folders at your hotel:

  • More Design Space: Key card folders are larger than key sleeves, so you have more space to incorporate your hotel’s branding elements, such as logos and property photos.
  • Can Provide Useful Information: With more design space, you can include information that’s helpful for your guests, like Wi-Fi passwords, pool/restaurant operating hours, property or neighborhood maps, hotel contact information, and more. Your guests won’t have to call down to the front desk to get this information.
  • Variety of Sizing Options: When you order key card folders with Front Desk Supply, you’ll have a variety of sizing options to choose from. We can also create unique shapes and styles to make your key card folders stand out.

Key Card Folders vs. Sleeves

Are key card folders the right product for your hotel, or would you benefit more from key card sleeves? Take the following into consideration:

  • Property Size: Larger properties tend to have a greater number of amenities that need to be communicated/advertised to the hotel guests, making key card folders the better option.
  • Booking Size: Your hotel might prefer key card folders if your bookings often have more than 2-3 people staying in a room. Key card folders can accommodate a larger set of keys so they’re ideal for hotels that get larger parties.
  • Your Customer Demographics: Boutique and luxury hotels should use key card folders because they can incorporate stylish designs that are more impressive to higher-end clientele.

Are Key Card Folders Right for Your Hotel?

Key card folders are a good option for hotels that want to:

  • Provide a more luxurious guest experience
  • Help guests better enjoy their stay
  • Create memorable branding for their hotel

Check out our key card holders buyer’s guide if you’re still unsure.

Order Custom Key Card Folders with Front Desk Supply

You can easily customize key card folders for your hotel with Front Desk Supply. Add your hotel’s branding, contact information, QR codes, and any other type of design element that will help your guests enjoy their stay. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.  If you also order your keys with us, our designers will give them a consistent look and feel to further enhance your branding.