Key card holders are essential for delivering an exquisite guest experience. We know, however, that most hotels would prefer to spend money on key cards, pens, and stationery; cost-cutting at the front desk almost always starts with the key card holder.

With Front Desk Supply, you can uphold your hotel’s high standard of quality and keep your costs down by ordering budget-friendly key card holders that are impeccably customized.

Here are a few simple design tips that turn economic key card holders into luxurious ones.

Let Your Logo Do the Work

Your hotel logo is all you need to make your key card holders pop.

If your hotel uses generic white or one-color key sleeves, let Front Desk Supply print your logo on them. This detail makes a significant difference when it comes to memorability of your property.

We can print your hotel logo in black (black print over a white background always looks clean and professional) or in one of your brand colors. Color is one of the best ways to distinguish your brand, so using just one of your brand colors can significantly improve the recognizability of your hotel.

We can also add a nice finish to your key card holders, like matte, aqueous, or glossy. While these options are a little more expensive than standard card stock, they make your key card holders feel much more luxurious. They’re also more cost-effective than key holders that use a wide array of colors.

Add a QR Code

You might want to add important information to your key card holders, such as the restaurant and pool hours or property map. Key card folders give you the most space to include this information, but key sleeves might be a better option if you’re on a limited budget.

While key sleeves have less design space, you can add a QR code to link your guests to your hotel’s website, where they can access the information they’re looking for easily.

Order High-Quality Key Cards

If you have to choose between putting your money into key cards or key card holders, you probably want to spend more money on the key cards.

Very few guests take key card holders home, but the key cards themselves make excellent souvenirs and they’re handled more often by hotel guests, making them memorable. You can add eye-popping designs to your key card holders, but first it’s better to start with the key cards. You can always redesign your key card holders with next month’s budget.

Front Desk Supply can help you rebrand your key cards with a dazzling new design, and when you’re ready to overhaul your key card holders, we can make sure they match the look and feel of your key cards.  This coordinated look really creates a hotel that has it together.

Designing a Key Card Holder is Easy with Front Desk Supply

We know that hotel managers are short on time and resources. We’re happy to lend a hand! If you want to order new key card holders or other custom hotel supplies, our in-house designers can help you find the best way to incorporate your branding, for no extra cost.