Label Print Market Overview

Paper and labels go hand in hand. What we’re seeing at this time are price increases for paper, freight, and adhesives. A combination of all three has put pressure on the supply chain and resulted in long delays in the label print market. Coupled with the worker strike at prominent paper supplier UPM in Finland, which is one of the largest global paper suppliers, has made it difficult for businesses to order any paper/label supplies or rely on their safety stock. The strike at UPM is over as of April 2022; however, the next challenge lies in the aftershock of high demand.

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High Price of Adhesives

We’ve discussed the impact of the supply chain on paper print products before, but one important yet forgotten element of product labels is the adhesive. The substance that makes up most adhesives is silicone, and earlier in the year its pricing doubled. As of June 2022, pricing has stabilized, but it caused a tight supply as well as longer lead times. Acrylic adhesives are also commonly used for label print supplies, but this substance’s pricing is rising and is expected to continue doing so. 

If you are a business owner or manager, you may have experienced difficulties with ordering from one supplier as these products are allocated to suppliers to meet customer demand. This may meet most of the needs of a hospitality business, but not all of them.

Front Desk Supply clients have told us that they are sourcing from multiple hotel suppliers to meet their needs. Ultimately, they choose to work with us because they find what they need in one place. Despite delays, we are doing our best to fulfill hotel supply orders in a timely manner. 

Below are several of our hotel supplies that are impacted by the supply chain issues.

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We thank our customers for their patience with this ongoing issue. Consider us for your label print supplies, and let us help you make your guests’ stay more memorable. Submit a request for a quote today.

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