Front Desk Supply always likes to get ahead of the curve.  So instead of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the rest of the crowd, Front Desk Supply is celebrating Tres de Mayo!  (That’s the Third of May for all of your gringos out there!).
“This May we are celebrating over 10 years of serving our loyal hospitality customers,” said Mark Zisek, Front Desk Supply’s Director of Commercial Operations, “so Front Desk is offering a special deal on three of our best selling products!  If you order a combination of keycards, keycard holders and pens, you qualify for a $50 discount on your order. This offer is open to all of our customers. Happy Tres de Mayo!”
Tres de Mayo Offer Qualifying Items:

  1.  Hotel Key Cards

RFID Key Cards

RFID keys use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. RFID is used in the hospitality industry with keycards, wristbands and key fobs for access control and events. Front Desk Supply offers generic or custom designed RFID keys compatible with all major access control systems.

Magnetic Stripe Key Cards

Magnetic Stripe cards have the dark strip of magnetic material on the back of gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards, which are used with a POS system.  Magnetic Stripe cards are also used with access control systems as key cards and ID cards.

  1.  Key Card Holders

Guests use hotel key card holders approximately 15 times during their stay. Front Desk Supply focuses on making high quality products with a memorable design. Guests won’t forget where they stayed!


  1. Custom Pens

The number one reason for branding the pens in your hotel is the fact that many of them leave in the pockets of your guests.  Creating a branded takeaway pen is an excellent way of marketing yourself to future guests and a sound investment in your business.
Types of Pens Offered
You can choose from a wide variety of pens: retractable, stick and metallic.  Each has its benefits, ranging from lifespan to economical. Oftentimes, our customers use several models of pens throughout their hotels.
You can choose from:
Stick Pens (Economical)
Retractable “Click Pens” (Mid-Price)
Metallic Pens (High-End)
This May, Front Desk Supply is offering a $50 discount on combo orders for key cards, key card holders and custom pens.

If you need some advice on your Promotional Item order, please feel free to contact Front Desk Supply.  Their experienced sales team is available to review options, provide a competitive price quote and answer any questions.
Simply, call:  888-859-2061 .  
Or visit:
Why Front Desk Supply?
Whichever products customers choose, Front Desk Supply successfully competes with all other providers.  Why? Because Front Desk Supply doesn’t charge the large industry standard markups like many other competitors do and is keenly focused on efficiencies.  Unlike other suppliers, Front Desk Supply is invested in becoming a preferred partner with hotels for many years to come.
People interested in placing a new business card order, may telephone Front Desk Supply:  888-859-2061  to be eligible for up to $25 off their first order!
About Front Desk Supply
Front Desk Supply has over 50 years of Sales, Marketing and Advertising, and Operations experience, along with the wealth of experience that comes from producing millions of products for thousands of hotels in the hospitality industry.
Their experience includes a wealth of customer relationship experience, including large and small companies in diverse industries. This experience gets ingrained in all employees to put the customer first and do their best to understand each unique situation. Front Desk Supply excels when being able to provide multiple products – it makes for a one stop shopping experience for customers and ensures messaging flows consistently across products. They do our best to make recommendations that make good business sense.
Front Desk Supply: Making hotels more profitable and their guests’ stays more memorable.™