When guests come to visit your hotel, the check-in process is almost always their first point of contact with employees. This interaction can quickly set the tone for the rest of their stay. During the global pandemic, it’s necessary to change some of your normal check-in protocols in relation to national and local safety guidelines. At Front Desk Supply, we want to help make these changes as seamless as possible. 

Say hello to your guests the right way. Here are some tactics to help optimize your check-in process during COVID-19.  Many of the products you will need are offered on our website.

Promote Safe Processes

Giving your guests the ability to keep their distance during a visit is essential to maintain a positive environment. A simple place to start is with floor distancing signs to encourage guests to stay 6 feet apart. If you have the technological bandwidth, developing an option for virtual check-ins is a great way to minimize unnecessary contact. For more wary guests, this can help them start their stay on a safe, socially-distanced foot and give them peace of mind right off the bat. 

Additionally, temperature checks at the front door and options for a contactless key-card pickup after a guest has checked in are extra steps you can take to show guests you are taking every precaution. These types of processes are not a hassle to integrate into your check-in protocol and can be all the difference for the guest experience. 

Communicate Clearly 

When creating new guidelines for the check-in process, it is important that everyone clearly understands not only what steps you are taking, but why. Send information out to all of your employees to explain the reasoning behind each implemented safety action. This will help them feel more comfortable with the changes and make it much easier for them to answer any questions an arriving guest may have.

Investing in custom signage and stickers as visual indicators of your safe check-in instructions will also help guests understand your check-in process during COVID-19. As new protocols are put in place, the benefits of clear communication become even more important to the success of your hotel. 

Provide Essential Equipment

Processes and communication are important, but having sufficient PPE is the most essential aspect of optimizing your check-in process for COVID-19. Provide well-fitting, breathable masks for each and every employee, use sneeze guards at counters, and have disposable masks at both the entrance to your lobby and the check-in desk for guests who may need them. Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers should also be available in these areas. Encourage employees to use them after each interaction with a new guest; this will set a high standard for hygiene and encourage guests to take the same actions.   Many of these items can seamlessly blend in by customizing your logo or other branding.

At Front Desk Supply, we want the implementation of safety processes at your hotel to be as simple as possible. Our guest-first mindset puts your customers at the forefront; we supply products to you with an elevated customer experience in mind. Visit our website to learn how we can help optimize your check-in process.

Unsure about how to fully prepare for reopening during these changing times? Download our Free Hotel Checklist. This list provides your hotel with information on how to open up your doors safely and successfully. 

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