If you are a hotelier who is upgrading your hotel security system, you may benefit your hotel more than you initially imagined. A new security system is a cost effective way to make your hotel more secure, modern, and accommodating to the needs of your guests. If you are upgrading from a magnetic stripe key card system to an RFID key card system, keep in mind that you will also need to upgrade your accompanying key cards.

The experts at Front Desk Supply have created thousands of hotel key cards for small to large hotels across the country. We can easily match the right key cards to your hotel security system, whether it be magnetic or RFID. Below are some of the key differences between these two systems.

What is the Difference Between a Magnetic and RFID Key Card System?

A magnetic stripe, or mag stripe key card has a magnetic stripe on the back that contains the information. When the card is swiped or inserted through a card reader, the reader uses a magnetic head to read the information. In addition to hotel key cards, this type of technology is also used on credit and debit cards.

RFID (radio-frequency identification) key card contains a small chip and an antenna that communicates with an RFID reader using radio waves. RFID card readers can be accessed by bringing the card close to the reader, without directly contacting the reader. In addition to hotel key cards, RFID technology is akin to contactless payment systems.

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While both mag stripe and RFID systems are in use today for a variety of utilities, RFID is considered newer and can indicate that your hotel is modern and secure. RFID technology is generally considered to be more secure because it is more difficult to duplicate or clone an RFID card.

RFID technology also tends to last longer. This is first because mag stripes demagnetize over time, second because mag stripe readers are prone to dirt and debris, and third because mag stripe cards make frequent contact with the machine, which wears down mag stripes.

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Can I Use Magnetic Strip Cards with My RFID Key Card System?

No. If you are updating your hotel’s security system from a magnetic stripe system to an RFID system, you need to purchase RFID hotel key cards to accommodate the new system.

Please note: not all magnetic stripe cards and RFID cards are created equal. Magnetic stripe cards range from low to high magnetism, meaning that not all magnetic stripe cards can be used on all magnetic key card systems. RFID cards must also be compatible with your chosen system. Contact an expert before purchasing RFID cards for your new key card system.

The best way to order new hotel key cards that accommodate your RFID key card system is to contact your hotel amenity supplier. At Front Desk Supply, we offer consultation, helping you find the cards that will work best with your system while offering beautiful custom designs. Additionally, we will provide you with programming for your hotel system, at no additional cost.

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