There are some things that don’t always fit into a “welcome to our hotel, we hope you enjoy

your stay” conversation. This is why signage plays a vital role in hotels. Making hotels profitable and guests’ stay memorable.

A hotel’s front desk team is often the first point of contact with guests and can make a lasting impression upon them. One of their main job duties is to pass along information as well as check guests in and out. But there are some things that don’t always fit into a “welcome to our hotel, we hope you enjoy your stay” conversation.

Why Hotel Signage Matters:

  • Hotel signage helps guests navigate their new surroundings on their own and can pass along important messages.
  • Answer frequently asked questions, allowing the front desk to focus on making each guests’ visit more memorable.
  • Guests feel at home, well-informed and safe.
  • Convey messages, general warnings or information.
  • Help hotels conform to regulations and fulfill obligations.

“Many of our clients call asking for input on signage” said Mark Zisek, Front Desk Supply’s Director of Commercial Operations. He continued, “You’d be surprised how important a Do Not Disturb, Conserve Water or Restaurant table toppers can be. Hotels rely upon these signs to communicate with guests and for guests to communicate with them. Guests who checked late in after a long travel day certainly appreciate the ability to put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door and catch up with much needed rest.”

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“Whether you prefer the sturdiness and longevity of plastic signage for your hotel, or you prefer the cost advantages of paper and being able to print in color for no additional fee, we are able to help you with your hotel signage needs. Our experienced staff can help you design a sign that fits your needs and helps you communicate vital information to your guests,” explained Mark Zisek of Front Desk Supply.

Choose from a variety of signs options in paper or plastic:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Conserve Water (towels, linens, etc)
  • Room Service menus that hang on door.
  • Table toppers

Do Not Disturb Sign Options:

Front Desk Supply provides a variety of do not disturb and “request service” signs.

  • Signs to insert into the door locks (often for magnetic key cards).
  • Signs to sit in a vinyl holder attached to the door.
  • Signs to hang from the door (both magnetic key card and RFID key card use.)
  • Double-sided signs with logos are easy to understand for international guests.

In-room sign options:

In-room hotel signage covering everything you could need, No Smoking and Channel Guides, Towel Conservation signs and more.

  • standing signs
  • tent signs
  • hanging signs.

Contact Front Desk Supply to purchase hotel signage from an American hotel supplier. Our experienced sales team is available to review options, provide a price quote and answer any questions.