In the midst of managing hotel staff and coordinating hotel logistics, essential tasks like obtaining hotel supplies can feel like yet another challenge. Staying organized and making a hotel inventory list of the supplies you need ahead of peak travel season can prevent your staff from having to scramble for items at the last minute and ensure your property receives the supplies it needs promptly.

Read on to learn how to create an essential hotel inventory list that Front Desk Supply can assist you with ordering—and reordering—with ease all year long.

The Essential Hotel Inventory List

Hotel areas you’ll want to consider for your list include the front desk, hotel rooms and bathrooms, laundry area, housekeeping, hallways and walkways, bell desk/luggage storage, and parking/valet. Here is a breakdown of items hoteliers should keep at the top of their checklist:

  • Magnetic and RFID Key Cards: Your hotel must have enough key cards available to accommodate all of your guests. Every individual guest should have their own key card to prevent any logistical challenges as guests coordinate their comings and goings. Don’t forget to include additional staff key cards or fobs on your checklist if your hotel hires seasonal employees.  Should you run low, we keep generic keys in stock.

  • Key Card Sleeves and Folders: Key card holders are a major asset for both hotel managers and guests. They serve as branding tools and can also provide useful information for guests throughout the duration of their stay.

  • Stationery and Pens: Administrative tools like pens, notepads, and other paper products, like business cards, notebooks, and calendars can help both your hotel staff and guests record anything they need. Peak travel season can also mean an uptick in business travel, so don’t forget to accommodate these travelers by providing them with envelopes, letterhead, postcards, and more.

  • Hotel Signs: Your housekeeping team can securely and effectively manage hotel suites with the help of hotel door signs. Popular signs to keep stocked may include “do not disturb” signs, “housekeeping requested,” signs, “no smoking,” signs and “pet in room” signs. Hotel policy signage such as water or electricity conservation requests may also be included.

  • Concierge: More visitors means more luggage and even more vehicles parked in your self-parking and valet lots. Custom luggage tags, parking tags, and valet tags keep hotel staff organized and cut down customer wait times when it’s time to check out.

Fulfill Everything on Your Hotel Inventory List Today!

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